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How much price of small dry cleaning machine


         Small dry cleaning machine, what about the price of each open a dry cleaners is relatively relationship problems of league. Came to the annual graduation season there are a lot of college students choose entrepreneurship, but suffer from the dry cleaning industry don't understand, also don't know how much this part dry cleaners need to invest, then ENEJEAN dry-clean Mr Zhu special explanation for you:

         It is understood that in the dry cleaning industry investors, quite part of college graduates, has gone through a number of their own efforts to the way of open a shop to make money easily.
         The undergraduate of strong finish school, in the relative lack of funds, in the process of investment, they are more concern than the cost of the investment. College students' self-employment dry cleaning franchise store, there are two main in terms of investment cost, is a franchise, the other is the cost of equipment.
         Usually, different dry cleaning franchise brand has strict requirements on joining fee, but the cost of dry cleaning equipment without the exact rules. After all, the size of the dry cleaning franchise store is different, your choice of different dry cleaning equipment, a full set of dry cleaning equipment costs is not the same.
         But ENEJEAN a set of basic equipment: only 28800 can match neat oil dry cleaners, washing drying machines, suction ironing table, steam generator, steam iron, etc.
         ENEJEAN dry-clean franchising use equipment has the following characteristics:
         Flat light, corrosion resistance, less wear and no damage of fabric, the machine service life is long, is equipped with stainless steel inner cylinder door safety locking mechanism, outside the cylinder cover door is equipped with electric interlock device, safe and reliable operation.