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Oil washing equipment safety use common sense

         Oil washing equipment is relative to the case of tetrachloroethylene washing equipment, although the two kinds of washing machines on the function and mechanical structure basic same, but due to the use of chemical properties and physical characteristics of dry cleaner is quite different, therefore, oil washing equipment on the method of use is different from the tetrachloroethylene washing equipment.And most modern dry cleaners use oil washing equipment, therefore, oil washing equipment safe use became dry cleaners operators have to understand the knowledge field.
        Below, we will introduce you to the safety of the oil washing equipment for specific use common sense.
        Domestic most dry cleaners using split type oil washing equipment, but the fifth generation oil washing equipment, basically is the elution bake one, the oil washing equipment in the design has no mechanical safety hidden trouble.Safety of oil washing equipment like tetrachloroethylene washing equipment is wash, take off, drying in the integration of whole sealing machine, and in the stage of washing and drying should be filling the concentration of inert gas such as nitrogen, in order to avoid the concentration of the solvent to cause fire or explosion.However, due to the use of specific environment is relatively complex, for the safe use of oil washing equipment, or it is necessary to the user.
         In particular, the safe usage of oil washing equipment should notice the following several aspects:
         First, we should pay attention to safety, strict inspection equipment and the indoor power line.
         The second, indoor and other electrical appliances should be professional electrician, had better not in the workspace Settings or less in the refrigerator and water dispenser, etc can cause lighter electrical appliances, light to reduce the incentive.
         Third, dry cleaners should be well ventilated, exhaust air volume size should smell petrol as the minimum standard, to prevent the concentration of indoor gas to cause fire or explosion.Oil outlet of dryer will lead to the outdoor, banned in indoor emissions.
         Fourth, indoor no smoking and the use of fire.
         Fifth, regularly check the machine connection place, have without leakage phenomenon, should be closed after the completion of the whole machine is running all seal and prevent leakage solvent.
         Sixth, when the machine maintenance, also should pay attention to indoor air exhaust flow and prevent leak, some parts of maintenance carried out on the outside.
         Seventh, to clean the filter residue of dumping according to the requirements of fire control.
         Eighth, after drying the clothes do not stranded in the dryer has shut down, to prevent static electricity spark or spontaneous combustion, drying clothes should be removed in time after hanging in ventilated place dry.
         Ninth, dry cleaners do not live people sleep at night, morning opened the door, if the smell of a large number of gasoline ignorance, do not enter the processing, be sure to please the fire department to solve, or even open to turn off the lights, the sole friction or dial the mobile phone and so on to create a spark (static) can cause fire and explosion.
         From the above sums up the oil washing equipment safe use common sense, correct operation is the important guarantee of safety management.Dry cleaners to achieve lasting business, sustainable management, the common sense that is know.