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Four main points of the dry washer of choose and buy


            Open a dry cleaners one of the most important thing to do is buy the high quality, efficient and durable dry cleaners and other open a dry cleaners is the most important thing is to buy the high quality, efficient and durable dry cleaners, and other dry cleaning equipment.So, how to buy high quality dry cleaners and a good dry cleaner set?Below, we talk about dry cleaners in the choose and buy some of the most commonly used method, we simply summarized as four points.
           Before about the methodology, however, we have to put a premise, that is somehow, advantages and disadvantages.If you want to find a good place to buy dry cleaners and dry cleaning equipment, will have to know first what is bad dry cleaners dry cleaners.So, what kind of dry cleaners dry cleaners is bad?The resistance net think that bad dry cleaners may appear the following situations:
           First, the cleaning solvent recovery rate is not high, cleaning solvent waste a lot;
           Second, dry cleaners to run when the noise is very big, always send out the voice of irregular;
           Third, dry cleaners shell looks very thin and run time has the feeling of shake.
           Fourth, dry cleaners are a power hog, cleaning solvent consumption;
           Fifth, XiJingDu is not high, no matter how wash, increasing of washing time or cleaning solvent, always can not get a good washing effect, this is the question about which machine;
           Sixth, poor sealing effect, there is always a strange smell gas come out;
           The above six aspects is bad physical characteristics of dry cleaners, naturally, the opposite is the good dry cleaners.So, when the choose and buy dry cleaners should be from the six aspects to compare, and then figure out whether some dry cleaners dry cleaners.
           To choose and dry cleaners on-site commissioning, commissioning of time must be done according to the following four methods.
           More than how well we already know the dry cleaners, the next step is when the choose and buy our dry cleaners should grasp the four methods:
           Supplier first, is to ask some questions, such as some standard parameters, and then dry cleaners marked on the various parameters of the comparison, one by one to see whether there is a discrepancy;
           Second, in the dry cleaners work smelling it if there is a cleaning solvent smell from, if there is a smell, then dry cleaners have a sealing problem;
           Third, is to use hand to touch the surface of the parts and dry cleaners, whether casing is thick, the body is smooth smooth, run time whether there was a violent shaking or trembling.
           Fourth, to see whether the dry cleaners drum rotates dithering phenomenon, rotating at a constant speed or acceleration in rotation;
           Finally, we want to added is dry cleaners after-sales service, in the choose and buy dry cleaners is also in the choice of a dry cleaner can continue to provide you with the follow-up service franchise brand.You buy is not only a dry washer itself, and it is the follow-up technical support.So, ENEJEAN suggest dry cleaners buyers go to join the best way to get dry cleaners, and other dry cleaning equipment, so that after-sales service is guaranteed.