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Washing machines to buy how much capacity is the best?

          Open a dry cleaners have to buy washing equipment and washing equipment and can be divided into different levels of capacity, eight kilograms are the lowest level, the highest is 16 kilograms levels, in the middle of the ten kilograms, 12 kg washing machines and 14 kg of different level.So, a lot of dry cleaners franchisees made problem, actually buy what is suitable for washing equipment, there is there any reference standard, the following, the resistance to clean laundry franchise brand is to talk about this topic with you.
          First, the ordinary dry cleaners investors common understanding of washing equipment capacity is relatively shallow.
          Many dry cleaners investors actually know very little about the washing equipment, especially the first venture of college students, a lot of people do not know what is basic washing equipment capacity, more do not know what are washing equipment capacity level.Some investors in resistance to the net before washing equipment technical training, have made investigation of washing equipment and dry cleaners, also will take the initiative to learn some common sense of washing equipment, so, there are still a part of the joining trader of washing equipment.
          Second, dry cleaners should how much capacity of the washing equipment is the best?
          Join chain think ENEJEAN dry cleaners, dry cleaners configuration of washing equipment, the general rule is on-demand purchase, that is to say, according to the dry cleaner actual business needs to open a laundry washing equipment capacity.In general, the village dry cleaners, suitable for configuration level 8 kg dry cleaners, and if the area is larger, or dry cleaners for two or three village, you can choose to level 10 kg washing equipment.If you open is a medium-sized dry cleaners, so, you can choose the level of 12 kg dry cleaners, likewise, is estimated according to the business, you can also choose and level of 14 kg washing equipment;And large dry cleaners shall be equipped with the maximum capacity of washing equipment, at the same time, it shall be equipped with one or two small washing equipment, which is 8 kg level or levels of 10 kg washing equipment, in this way, can regulate use in business.
          Third, the capacity of the correct understanding of washing equipment, some of the common sense and washing equipment.
          Washing equipment capacity refers to the washing equipment once at most how many clothes to wash, and the number of clothes unit refers to the weight of the clothes, also is a can at most how many kilograms of clothes to wash.In general, most of the washing machines on the market is divided into four or five levels, these levels were 8 kg washing machines, 10 kg washing machines, 12 kg washing machines, 14 kg dry cleaning, 15 kg washing equipment, there are 16 kg washing machines.The higher the level, the greater the theoretical maximum value of single washing.Washing equipment is the most important production tools, dry cleaners single washing capacity of the said work efficiency and effectiveness of the washing machine equipment, the general situation, so, this is also an important technical index of washing equipment, the buyer should have to know before buying.
           Anyhow, dry cleaners cleaning equipment need to buy how much capacity, according to the actual needs of the dry cleaners, is refers to the dry cleaners and actual needs of investors for the dry cleaners on the anticipation of the future business.ENEJEAN washing, dry cleaners investors when determining how much capacity of the washing equipment purchase, best first joined and ENEJEAN laundry brand communication, our equipment experts will give you more reasonable Suggestions.