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Laundry equipment brand which good, than to just know

    Laundry equipment brand which good, than to just know!Laundry equipment quality often and laundry equipment brand has a lot to do, however, various brands of laundry equipment in a certain period of time is impossible to know its quality is good or bad, only through the comparison, can know which brand of laundry equipment is the best.
     Li Chengshuang is a decoration workers of nanchang of jiangxi province, 35, decorate although incomes do not thin, but after all, it is the hard earned money, drill hole in the wall all day, almost deafened by the ears.In order to have a good working environment, he decided to open a dry cleaners.He met ENEJEAN through friends introduction, dry cleaner franchise brand, and eventually joined ENEJEAN laundry chain.His dry cleaning to store open one in the center of nanchang city, is a small, dry cleaners, joining ENEJEAN laundry headquarters configuration for him is a small shop equipment, USES is the fifth generation of automatic frequency conversion oil laundry equipment.
    His dry cleaners are profitable, made a lot of money, since set up shop, his name with the dry cleaner has been normal operation, without any problems.With his growing profitability of dry cleaners, he earned some money, product and plans to expand the scale of operation, now he would like to purchase a large amount of washing machine, there are several equipment suppliers salesman contact with him, to sell other brands of laundry equipment, for the price also is very favorable, but he is still feeling a little attention, whether use ENEJEAN good or use other brand is good, after all, ENEJEAN washing equipment used for so long, they had no problems, to change other brand or not.
     Luckily, a friend he also plans to open a dry cleaners, to consult him, which is good.Li cheng two-way his friend introduced ENEJEAN dry cleaner franchising brands, but do not know why, joined his friends, then choose other brand, more as it happens, his friend to join the brand is the brand to sell his laundry equipment.So Li Chengshuang decided his friends such as dry cleaners to open up and take a look at what the brand of laundry equipment, then make a decision.
    His friend  dry cleaners to open up soon, in the beginning, dry cleaners operating very normal, but, according to his friend, open for half a year later, the laundry equipment at run time would occasionally appear abnormal faint sound, then the voice more and more obvious, with the shaking of the laundry equipment have become more and more obvious, and the feeling of slight tremors.This made him very worried, call the franchise brand business consulting, said this is normal.Then his friend also do not care about these, as long as can wash the clothes.
     But, after more than a year later, his laundry equipment and other symptoms, dry lotion especially low recovery efficiency, and dry cleaning oil is easy to get muddy, distillation is not clean, then find technical experts to understand, only to find that is a question of frequency converter chip and laundry equipment suspension problem, belongs to the mechanical failure, in need of major repair.This let his friend is very upset and regret it.
     By comparison, Li Chengshuang finally determination, or purchased from ENEJEAN dry cleaning and a 15 kg closed variable frequency oil washing equipment, also bought a portrait machine, a conveyor line.When our staff put laundry equipment and other equipment to his dry cleaner, his resistance to net in Iraq said, after-sales service is the slang: ENEJEAN washing equipment, stand the test of time!