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The laundry equipment have to know the time of choose and buy

    Join industry has developed rapidly in recent years, dry cleaners, flocked to the social idle funds investment to open laundry, as laundry to join the best on the market, ENEJEAN dry-clean found many franchisees because the understanding of the laundry service is not very comprehensive, there are many puzzled problems exsting in its laundry equipment when the choose and buy, in the face of various brands of laundry equipment, do not know how to choose and buy.Therefore, this article will focus on plans to open a shop to buy laundry equipment friend to say a few words of sweet.
 About how to choose and buy laundry equipment, ENEJEAN dry cleaners to join chain thought from the following four aspects:
    First of all, to outside-in, carefully check the appearance of laundry equipment, and then open the rear cover laundry equipment, check equipment the overall structure is a new, strong, all kinds of line is an orderly, etc.
    Assume that we are planning to buy is now a tetrachloroethylene laundry equipment, we know the principle of tetrachloroethylene laundry equipment is the use of tetrachloroethylene cleaning solvent to clean clothes, and clothes in the wash out, after does not drying process.In this process we can know the laundry equipment have washing, throwing his, filtration, drying, etc.So it should have the motor in the structure of internal device, solvent filtration device, solvent recovery device, electric heating drying device, computer control, vibration control devices, etc., thus to check the machine when focusing on whether the internal structure of these components is all ready, whether at work coordination between parts is consistent, and so on..
     Second, to see the laundry equipment manufacturing technology and using the steel material performance, index, etc., and some of the main accessories watch does not work, have to ask more suppliers.
     The main body of good laundry equipment all adopt the stainless steel structure, and the bearing load of shaft is channel steel structure, so it can ensure the machine has a longer service life.Especially the laundry equipment inside the tube must adopt stainless steel, or wash not only are clean and easy to be corroded.In addition, some of the laundry equipment accessories such as pressure control components, motor, frequency converter, etc., to see whether the foreign imports, if it is imported, to clarify components manufacturer, etc.
     Joining chain ENEJEAN laundry here would like to remind you is, particular joined many domestic brand claims to be imported laundry equipment, but the actual is the domestic group installed.Buyers in this respect it is important to note that do not be fooled suppliers, there are some parameters not say if the machine, you should ask to suppliers.
 Third, we should learn from the source of laundry equipment manufacturers, do know.
    Now there are a lot of dry cleaner franchise brand all say oneself is the manufacturer, but the fact is just the manufacturer agent, and agent and the agent authorization is different, after-sales service is different also, the final consumers from different suppliers of machines and additional services but also differ in thousands ways.Dry cleaners, therefore, investors should know before the choose and buy laundry equipment equipment manufacturers, understand its historical background of production equipment in the industry of honorary degrees, and so on.In general, the longer the history of enterprise development, the rich experience, the production equipment quality will be better, laundry equipment performance is stronger.
Finally, it is important to choose and buy laundry equipment must be combined with their own needs to choose and buy, can not go beyond their own needs, also do not meet the needs its own open a shop.
     Laundry equipment buyers should according to own situation, own storefront specifications, see how much laundry consumers every day, every day need how many pieces of clothes, to wash out of the specifications of the dry cleaning equipment do not too small, not too big.If the money enough to buy specifications larger dry cleaning equipment as far as possible, on the other hand, because small equipment specifications to meet the needs of dry cleaners, dry cleaners peak demand, in particular, can produce idle resources or restricted in two extremes.
     Anyway, I hope every hope that through the wealth of the dry cleaners to realize her dream of investors, at the time of purchase dry cleaning equipment, dry cleaning equipment related knowledge from multiple aspects, and according to their own practical situation.To buy their own appropriate laundry equipment and dry cleaning equipment.