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One of the ten famous brands in laundry equipment

    Laundry equipment ten big brands: laundry equipment is the main force in dry cleaning equipment, laundry equipment is what brand to some extent represents the whole of the dry cleaning equipment of the quality of the overall situation.So the laundry equipment is generally what brand?What are the brands of laundry equipment are the characteristics?Below, we one by one to introduce you to ten brand of laundry equipment brands.
 First of all, let is take a look at how ENEJEAN washing equipment performance.
     ENEJEAN dry cleaner franchising brands is a veteran technical strength is very strong laundry equipment manufacturing enterprises, in the dry cleaning equipment research and development on manufacturing already has more than 20 years of history, has a number of laundry equipment research and development technology and patent production.ENEJEAN washing group predecessor is Shanghai han jie washing and dyeing equipment co., LTD belongs to Shanghai light industry association, which is typical of the original state-owned enterprises, after the restructuring and ENEJEAN dry cleaning brand joint venture operations, become current ENEJEAN laundry international group, not only retains the original strong dry cleaning equipment research and development production capacity, and has the international dry cleaning franchising brand strength.
    The practicability of ENEJEAN washing equipment for its high strength is deep laundry franchisees.Because ENEJEAN dry-cleaning equipment production base of choice in China famous steel processing base for baosteel closest place - baoshan, and baosteel group has close business relationship, so on the sources of steel has the advantage of the right place, right time, laundry equipment in both the base and the housing of the steel materials are an honest, all the equipment support and shell structure of channel steel, therefore, joining chain ENEJEAN laundry set bake the laundry equipment production run in any environment, show very good stability, its service life is longer than other brands of laundry equipment.
 Next, let is look at another relatively good brand of laundry equipment rose garden brand laundry equipment, rose garden brand laundry equipment for its extremely rich romantic breath brand image won the favor and love of women entrepreneurs.Due to the rose garden, dry cleaners dry cleaning brand image positioning for women, as a result, the rose garden brand laundry equipment both on the external image and internal temperament shows strong character and charm of women.Rose garden brand laundry equipment has a dignified appearance, delicate and elegant, give a person the sense of xiuwaihuizhong, at the same time, the rose garden brand the laundry equipment also adopted the most advanced equipment technology, has the automatic intelligent control system and frequency conversion control technology, energy conservation, environmental protection, no pollution, health is healthy and dry cleaner alternative models.
    Finally, let is take a look at the other to compare with some laundry equipment brand awareness, we compare the known Australia clean laundry equipment laundry equipment brands are nanjing, Shanghai clean laundry equipment, zhejiang, gree, laundry equipment, hna star machinery co., LTD. Production of navigation star laundry equipment, laundry equipment, as well as the Beijing jie ya brand, wuhan Eastman brand laundry equipment, especially in Beijing, laundry equipment are relatively good brand name, the laundry equipment brands each have their own characteristics and advantages, to franchisees and dry cleaners investors according to their own situation to identify one by one.
     ENEJEAN dry-clean recommended franchisees laundry equipment when the choose and buy must be comprehensive consideration, with dry cleaning franchise brand dry cleaning the strength of the brand represents the quality of laundry equipment, to a certain extent, therefore, to choose laundry equipment is actually the process of brand dry cleaning process.