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What kind of good oil dry cleaning machine and tetrachloroethylene dry cleaning machine


         Oil dry cleaners and tetrachloroethylene dry cleaners which good?Dry cleaners from invention to repeated many times, now different dry cleaning solvent kept constantly for the dry cleaning market, appeared in the carbon tetrachloride solvent, trichloroethylene solvent, petroleum solvents, etc., until the emergence of tetrachloroethylene.Because the tetrachloroethylene on the dry cleaning application is obvious advantages, quickly promoted and occupy the main position of dry cleaning market, and continues today.But because of the difference of regional traditions and regulations, form different equipment in different areas of the mainstream.

         According to statistics, in the use of dry cleaners on the market so far, the oil dry washer market share in Japan is higher, accounting for about 80%, and neighboring South Korea and Taiwan region of dry cleaning market is given priority to with petroleum solvent dry cleaning equipment.

         In European countries, the oil dry cleaners accounted for about 12%, and in the accounts for only about 8%.Oil dry cleaners in China, a few, that is, the user oil dry cleaners at present mainly in Japan, Taiwan and South Korea, where only has strict requirements on the use of tetrachloroethylene and crude oil using traditional led to less tetrachloroethylene dry cleaners, but there is still a market of tetrachloroethylene dry cleaners, in fact in the world of tetrachloroethylene control is Germany and strictly, and the two places is given priority to with tetrachloroethylene dry cleaners dry cleaning market, visible tetrachloroethylene is fully capable of using under strict regulations.

         In addition, Japan, South Korea and China Taiwan region oil used by dry cleaners dry washer is a kind of open, using low flash point of petroleum solvent (about 40 ℃ to 50 ℃), in the process of washing need to discharge waste gas, oil solvent consumption throughout the whole process is more, and the oil used by dry cleaners on the European and American markets is completely similar to the form of tetrachloroethylene closed dry-cleaning equipment, it USES a high flash point of petroleum solvent (generally higher than 60 ℃), in the process of washing does not exhaust outward, but will use the means such as oxygen, nitrogen filled to ensure the safety of the machine.

         In fact dry cleaners invention USES petroleum solvents, so from the beginning but its low XiJingDu (relative to the tetrachloroethylene), flammability, high investment, high maintenance make tetrachloroethylene dry cleaning equipment from behind and then completely dominated the dry cleaning market.Today's oil dry cleaning equipment to return to the market in environmental protection has its advantages, but throughout the whole dry cleaning world, tetrachloroethylene dry cleaners always dominate, and on the annual sales is still unshakable, instead of oil dry cleaners on the market sales fell instead, because today's emerging carbon dioxide dry cleaners dry cleaning market has gradually entered the stage of commercial environmental protection dry cleaners are better than tetrachloroethylene dry cleaners, so pay more and more attention to environmental protection of today and tomorrow, oil dry cleaners will occupy the dominant position.