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What are the dry cleaning equipment? How much green dry cleaning machine?


         The dry cleaners now investment projects, equipment preparation work, is each operator should pay more attention to. But now what are dry cleaning equipment? How much green dry cleaners? Then the expert inside course of study, please analyze this information to us.

         The importance of equipment for modern dry cleaning work is self-evident, but also guarantee the dry cleaning service quality and efficiency of the important factors, so we must each equipment purchase work.
         What are dry cleaning equipment?
         Starting from basic business, dry washer, dryer, disinfection cabinet, ironing table, steam generator, scouring equipment such as machine is indispensable, but some value-added dry-cleaning equipment needs, still need to judge according to the requirements of shops further.

         All dry-cleaning equipment, dry cleaners is caught the attention of the operator, how much of the popular green dry cleaners? Industry experts to give a price range in the tens of thousands to tens of, because each store need dry cleaners specification is not necessarily the same, and the equipment brand difference is also the important factors that affect the dry cleaners equipment costs.

         Want a dry cleaners don't understand the technology
         In terms of dry cleaners equipment procurement, industry experts need to prompt you, treat yourself is not familiar with dry cleaning equipment products, must first be vigilant. Advice consulting expert advice, this can also be further guarantees against losses on our behalf.

         What are the dry cleaning equipment? How much green dry cleaners? Hope today analysis can help you. Life want to further understand the dry-cleaning equipment procurement information, can contact website online customer service for consultation, or browse the website of the relevant article.