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Choose good dry-cleaning equipment Raise the level of dry cleaning service


         Dry cleaning industry is a veritable chaoyang industry, also get the favour of many small and medium-sized investors. Dry cleaning to join is a very wise choice, in this industry, if you do not have experience, choice is a good shortcut. Dry cleaners to join in, of course, also need to pay attention to the influence of some factors, such as investment scale, dry cleaning services, many factors such as dry cleaners location to decide. But the choice for the dry cleaners dry cleaning equipment is very big, choose a cost-effective, high use effect of dry cleaning equipment, is a very important safeguard relatively.

         Many dry cleaners now joining brands don't accept jiamingfei, because of your investment is essentially to buy dry cleaning equipment and store rent, supplies accessories purchase of the above. So how to choose the dry cleaning equipment for dry cleaners to a very important link, it directly determines your investment scale and store service level and service project, is also related to the investment income level, how about laundry operating efficiency, are linked to the development of dry cleaners later. Then what for dry cleaners members how to choose a set of investment level of dry cleaning equipment that accords with oneself?

         Dry cleaners equipment appearance beautiful and easy
         When selecting a dry cleaning equipment, appearance also is to have the certain appreciating. General dry cleaners will be placed in the dry cleaners are more prominent position, customers come after taking the door, you can see beautiful, atmosphere and grade of the dry cleaners, also has a lot to ascend to a dry cleaner's image. If the appearance of the dry cleaning equipment not good-looking, may make people sick. Exquisite workmanship, beautiful appearance, and the dry cleaners.

         Dry cleaners equipment environmental protection and energy saving
         Environmentally friendly dry cleaners has become the development trend in today's market, there are three types of dry cleaners, is a kind of open dry cleaners, is a kind of tetrachloroethylene dry cleaners, three kinds of oil dry cleaners, etc. Open dry cleaners because of the large pollution gradually by market instruments. Is now in the market is widely applied tetrachloroethylene dry cleaners, but also to have certain harm, this improved in oil dry cleaners, environmental protection effect is much better, but the washing effect than other dry cleaners.

         Dry cleaners equipment performance excellence
         Dry cleaner is mainly is to provide dry cleaning service, which is a bigger difference between the quality of dry cleaning service. A good set of dry cleaning equipment to wash clothes neat and beautiful, it does not hurt the clothing, to maintain the appearance of clothing. This is also where customers more value. Want to boost up his dry cleaning service, choose a set of high-grade dry cleaning equipment is a good choice.