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Probably need how many money a whole set of dry cleaning equipment


         A set of dry cleaning equipment probably how many money? The problems involved in all aspects of the dry cleaning equipment of choose and buy. If investors are lack of experience, really feel difficult to answer. Few words said, hurriedly let experienced ENEJEAN washing, chief investment adviser for your answer.

         A set of dry cleaning equipment probably how many money, how much does it cost to open a laundry? First of all, proportional to the size of the dry cleaners. The size of the dry cleaners, the greater the need of dry cleaning equipment, the more the price of a set of dry cleaning equipment nature. If is a large dry cleaners, need to buy a set of large dry cleaning equipment, and vice versa.

         Even open a small dry cleaners, dry washer, dryer, steam generator, pressing machine and other basic equipment is essential. And small dry cleaners due to competitiveness is weak, in order to get long-term development, but more needs to be high quality dry cleaning equipment. Thus, it is natural for dry cleaning equipment price is higher.

         In order to prevent fraud, we in the choose and buy equipment, better choose quality assured brand dry cleaning equipment. Of course, quality excellent, good reputation, strong technology of big brand dry cleaning equipment, prices tend to be higher. What's the best of both worlds approach? Of course, that is to buy ENEJEAN dry cleaning equipment.

         Now join ENEJEAN washing due to the brand jiamingfei and margin from huge, even if you only tens of thousands of yuan RMB, also can buy a series of high quality and low price of dry cleaning equipment. On a set of small ENEJEAN washing equipment, low only funded more than 30000 yuan RMB, including the dry cleaning equipment can meet the demand of your shop.

         In addition to such a small dry cleaning equipment, ENEJEAN washing and fully enclosed tetrachloroethylene dry cleaners, clothes conveyor line, luxury two-door disinfection cabinet, vacuum multi-function cloth to stains, like hot machine and other high-tech dry cleaning equipment, price also varies from tens of thousands of RMB to tens of RMB, you can choose according to their own economic power.