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Dry cleaning machine how much is the price?


         Dry cleaners how much is the price? Attracting investors, the development of the dry cleaning industry is now in the investment market, dry cleaners investment become a darling, its low cost, high profit and low risk as investors see the advantages of investment in power.

         Want to open up a dry cleaner, of course, you need to prepare all kinds of investment, the choice of the equipment is a link that nots allow to ignore. And dry cleaners, as an important part of the dry cleaning equipment, also directly affects the operation and development of dry cleaners, so the choice of the dry washer is investors must pay attention to.

         The choose and buy of dry cleaners must be based on quality first, it is inevitable. No good quality dry cleaners will not only affect the washing quality and long-term development of dry cleaners, and good dry cleaners can use ten years eight years, and it can take three to five years to bad dry cleaners replacement, bad dry cleaners repair and replacement frequency is high, so also virtually increased a lot of money, but increase the cost.
Dry cleaners how much is the price?

         The choice of the dry washer quality is key, but prices are investors need to pay attention to, after all the cost of the dry washer is usually important part of the cost of dry cleaners. Dry cleaners price is influenced by many factors, want to choose a dry cleaners, you first need to determine is the size of the dry cleaners, different scale generally need dry cleaners is different also, with oil dry cleaners and tetrachloroethylene dry cleaners, washing capacity: big dry cleaners often go on tetrachloroethylene dry cleaners is more suitable, ordinary small and medium-sized oil dry cleaners can choose dry cleaners, of course, the price will have bigger difference.

         Dry cleaners price also will be affected by the performance of the dry cleaners, model, capacity, and the influence of the brand, the brand influence is main. Investors in choosing a dry washer must pay attention to choose the big brands, especially those to independent research and development production equipment brand is more reliable. For example ENEJEAN wash clothes, to produce washing equipment, has a history of more than 20 years, independent research and development production equipment of high quality and low price, from production to sales and after-sales have strict requirements and processes, more important is to the joining trader at factory price, price is 20000 yuan RMB ENEJEAN dry cleaners, different models will be the price difference, the key is depends on what kind of need.