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Laundry factory profits analysis


         With the arrival of winter, more and more laundry laundry factory began to busy, work overtime every day to finish in the buyer's linen fabric washing, often has a keen sense of smell this time want to invest for laundry laundry plant investors call consulting I PuLanDe washing equipment manufacturing co. , LTD. , some information about for laundry laundry plant, which is the most popular topics profit how laundry laundry factory, well today guangzhou ENEJEAN wash equipment manufacturing co. , LTD is based on the data analysis of simple for everyone.
         One, the prospect for laundry washing plant
         According to authoritative survey a city with over 1 million staff at each laundry laundry factory, linen 100, on average, the city will take at least more than 50 laundry room, laundry plant to meet the needs of the city, at the same time the laundry laundry plant industry output value of China's service industry increasing at an annual rate of 19. 5% every year and there are nearly 9. 95 billion yuan output value of more than RMB.
         Laundry laundry plant industry is a sunrise industry, will never fall, domestic also is in a period of rapid development, the market for a wider range of consumer laundry laundry factory, so from the above data laundry laundry plant's growth prospects compared with other service industry has the larger development space, so therefore at present our country some areas of laundry laundry factory outlook is relatively broad worth investors, but ENEJEAN washing equipment manufacturing co. , LTD.  Here need to remind the investment must be ready before for laundry laundry plant detailed investigation and related data collecting, because only do it knowing that, can let your laundry laundry factory set up when you win on the starting line.
         Second, the laundry laundry factory profits analysis
         For laundry laundry plant investment mainly in the choose and buy of laundry laundry factory equipment, place, rent, personnel costs and maintenance costs of these items, different specifications of the laundry laundry plant investment also has a bigger difference, the interest is the same, according to incomplete statistics daily washing a linen fabric for 2 ~ 20 RMB yuan between, raw material costs only RMB 0. 1 or so, in the case of constant cost, each additional wash cloth grass, almost on the spending only a small amount of laundry is increased cost of raw materials, and the income is increased 1-15 RMB yuan, thus it laundry laundry factory's profit is as high as 70%, the profit is for you to create the benefit unmatched by other service industries, so therefore as long as the follow-up management to improve the laundry laundry plant efficiency was very good.