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YHG-16 coin operated clothes dryer
  • YHG-16 coin operated clothes dryer
  • Model Number:YHG-16
  • Certification:CE,ISO9001
  • Construction:stainless steel
  • Function:drying
  • Used for:
  • Packaging Details:wooden packing
  • Delivery Detail:dilivery 7-25 days
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    Dries the clothes within the aircraft gallbladder to use the import high quality stainless steel to manufacture carefully ,the entire drying process automatic control ,the precise digital feeling warm measuring appliance demonstration temperature, may avoid accident's occurrence in the operating process ,has the steam heating ,the electric hearing two kind of  models


    The heat losing efficiency is low, easy to operate ,uses the high efficiency  heater ,the heat change is quick the heat energy uses high


    Uses the large diameter to install the clothes gate ,loads and unloads the clothing to be convenient


    The big area plush collection network the large diameter wind leaf ,by the plush jamming ,had been guaranteed not easily the air flue is unimpeded


    The entire computer control may the accuracy control time and the drying temperature, the computer kneading board uses touches the type pressed key lightly, the operation is flexible .
    Advanced coin or card operated system, automatic soap dispenser machine and special sterilizing function.


    Excepted for the coin operated function, Enejean laundry equipment also has another three starting models:

    A. Card operated, Without cash, it is more convenient for customer and laundry shop. Customers do not need to take money any more. Cards bring customers not only safety but also loyalty.

    B. world coins device, This kind coin device is more popular than common coin device. It applies electric recognize technology and recognize coins correctly. Within one second, the machine can judge if the put-in coin is similar with the pre-set coin. Which kind do you want to use, it decides by yourself. It also can show working time and coins numbers.

    C. Payment Center, By the system, all machines are linked in main machine. Customers can choose the machine he wants to use in the main machine and pay by card. In this way, you do not need to install coin device and card reader in every washer and dryer. All the machines’ on and off buttons are all controlled by the center system. The safety is also higher.

Drum Volume:308L;
Drum dia*deep:774*655mm;
Door dia.:657mm;
Main motor power:0.25KW;
Fan motor power:0.16KW;
Electric heating power:15KW(380V) / 7.5KW(220V)
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