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How to maintain dry cleaning equipment


         Dry cleaners management, equipment maintenance issues must be a issue for businesses.How much is a set of dry cleaning equipment?Dry cleaning equipment is the basis of the dry cleaner business, once appear problem, will not be able to make up for the loss.How to maintain dry cleaning equipment, how to pack keep dry cleaning equipment in the day-to-day operations, this article will explain these questions give you analysis:

         Daily check maintenance before open a dry cleaners.
         First in front of the boot, check the dry cleaning machine of the following respects
         1. The filter pressure gauge shows whether below 0.1 Mpa;
         2. The host whether there is a screw loose;
         3. All piping, valves, observation window to see if there is run, run, drip, leakage phenomenon;
         4. Equipment health check appearance;
         5. Check the cleaning, button collector, distilling the cilia filter, oil-water separator, etc.

         Secondly to open a dry cleaners observation:
         1. Open the power switch, check whether all kinds of display is normal;
         2. Open the valve of cooling water.
         3. Open the air compressor, such as pressure reaches the specified value, 0.7 Mpa and then start the machine work.

         Finally at the end of the work:
         1. At the end of the workday last washing cycle, confirm the inside of the distiller dry lotion is distillation.
         2. Shut off the power switch, the intake valve.
         3. The finished work, close all switch valve.