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How much industrial washing equipment prices


         Need to open a dry cleaners is not just money, more should choose high quality dry cleaning equipment. Dry cleaning franchise brand dry cleaning industry rapid development, growing, the market is also many different kinds of dry cleaning equipment, different types of industrial washing machine equipment price difference is big. Industrial washing machine equipment, then, how much is the price?

         A lot of dry cleaning brand on the market, but few brand popularity. Small make up recommend, ENEJEAN washing group of dry cleaning equipment is good. Join ENEJEAN policy is very perfect, such investment can reduce a lot of pressure, for investors to dry cleaners on the market competitiveness will be stronger.

         According to the different ENEJEAN washing group programme, in general large dry-cleaning equipment investment in three hundred thousand yuan of above, equipment to be controlled in 150000 yuan of medium-sized dry cleaners, small equipment in 40000 yuan or so a set of dry cleaners. Specific equipment collocation, of course, can according to the investor's own actual situation to determine.

         ENEJEAN washing group of dry cleaning equipment will by the company's professional engineers for franchisees to free installation, debugging, and has the advanced practice guidance resident manager. One-stop operation management service, let every franchisees to open a shop worry-free. Smaller cost is our great sincerity, welcome the masses of franchisees to investigate and study!

         Above also simply introduces the industrial washing machine equipment prices, as for the specific industrial washing machine price list, investors can login ENEJEAN washing group's official web site for consulting, tend to have a detailed industrial washing machine price list. Because it is a well-known brand, its price is commonly so representative with market, investors can reference.