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Fully automatic environmental protection of commercial washing application range


         In the washing of putting pen to paper industry many washing machine has been improved and upgraded, so guangzhou ENEJEAN wash equipment manufacturing co., LTD. Technical personnel will share with you today about modern automatic environmental protection of commercial washing working principle and application scope.
         Automatic environmental protection of commercial washing filter for artificial upper discharge batch operation type full-automatic washing machine of environmental protection.Suitable for separating containing solid particles of 0.01 mm or suspending liquid, solid phase particles can be granular and crystal or fibrous form is also available for items (such as yarn, textiles, etc.) beam of dehydration.This series of automatic washing machine has the environmental protection, simple in structure, convenient in operation.Each operation process can be adjust according to the requirement, this series is widely used in chemical industry, light industry, textile, garments, dyeing and finishing, food, pharmaceutical, metallurgy, mining, rare earth, environmental protection, cleaning, and automobile manufacturing and other industries.
         Fully automatic washing machine of environmental protection are the main components of the tank, the tank with holes for cloth be dehydrated clothes is put in the tank.Motor through a belt drive the bladder at high speed.Moisture thus generating a lot of centrifugal force through the small hole of the tank will be left out, is collected after unification.In general for the wet clothes, fully automatic washing machine of environmental protection work of drying effect is almost two minutes and the dryer work 20 minutes to achieve the same effect, but fully automatic washing machine of environmental protection can't completely dry clothes.So, a kind of practice is to save time and energy on the wet clothes to dewatering operation after the water drying operation again.
         Automatic environmental protection of commercial washing tank shell is made of high quality stainless steel corrosion performance.Good balance stable running low noise high dewatering rate.Using the flexible start braking technology long service life.Automatic environmental protection of commercial washing is produced by the introduction of west Germany technology to fill the domestic blank.Has a large capacity, shock, frequency conversion, automatic system.Applies to clothing washing knitting, cotton, hemp, bleaching, chemical industry, hospitals, hotels and industrial and mining industries ideal washing machine dehydration.
         Guangzhou ENEJEAN washing equipment co., LTD., located in guangzhou city, guangdong province, with more than a decade engaged in the professional cleaning to start writing the design, development, production and sales experience, from the end of the twentieth century, the production of the series, such as, industrial washing machines, laundry washing machine, ironing machine, dry cleaners, a fully automatic washing machine, fully automatic washing equipment of environmental protection and other best-selling all over the country, exported to Europe, South America, Africa and other regions covers hotel, schools, hospitals, military logistics, and professional washing company, etc.