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Environmental protection structure of commercial washing machine


1, environmental commercial washing machine control system:
         Environmental protection is commercial washing machine control system by computer panel and computer chips and software program as well as a variety of sensors, etc.
2, barrel:
         Environmental commercial washing machine is made of stainless steel plate welded together for washing water, barrel and feed line road and drain valve and so on through.
3, roller:
         Environmental protection all commercial washing machine roller is made from high quality stainless steel plate wall is equipped with water holes and skip.
4, transmission mechanism:
         Environmental protection commercial washing machine transmission mechanism by inverter and variable frequency motor and belt pulley and triangle tape and bearing, etc.
5, suspension mechanism:
         Environmental commercial washing machine by the compression spring suspension mechanism and hook and pull rod and bearing fixed and damper, its function is to reduce the oscillation amplitude of vibration.
6, machine door:
         Environmental protection of commercial washing machine door adopt stainless steel, door is equipped with rubber seal work with barrel seal, door lock is used for open or closed machine door linkage switch installed in the door lock, ensure environmental commercial washing machine door won't open to ensure that the operator safety in operation.
7, pressure pipe road:
         Environmental protection commercial washing machine inlet pipe device solenoid valve on the road.
8, drain valve:
         Environmental protection of commercial washing machine drain valve closing and opening is controlled by solenoid valves.
9, heater:
         Environmental commercial washing machine has two kinds of heating methods, one is electric secondly, steam heating.
         Environmental protection business washing machine with heating function, by heating temperature, high washing effect will be better. Environmental protection commercial washing machine heating mode can be divided into steam heating and electric heating.