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Open dry cleaners how closed dry cleaners more advantage

         Open dry cleaners work will eliminate in the process of dry cleaning solvent gas mixture, pollute the environment.Recently, the Shanghai environmental protection bureau said, according to the fifth round of environment protection and construction plan of action of the three years, Shanghai will be volatile organic compounds in dry cleaning industry pollution rectification action, will complete by the end of 2015 update work out, the transformation of the city open dry cleaners.
         Due to the open air dry cleaners were forced to exit, the more advantage the enclosed dry cleaners in the dry cleaners are very popular in the market.Objectively speaking, enclosed dry cleaners no matter in technology or on the green environmental protection, obviously superior to open dry cleaners.Enclosed dry cleaners investigate is strongly recommended and encouraged by the dry cleaning equipment, environmental protection department is because it has the advantage of the following three aspects:
         First of all, the maximum extent, achieve environmental protection, meet the requirements of environmental protection of relevant departments, more by consumers.Enclosed dry cleaners lock completely dry cleaning solvent steam, control the "harm" inside the dry cleaners, at the dry cleaners internal implementation of used dry cleaning oil modification, completely eliminate the harmful material such as dry cleaners especially in tetrachloroethylene escape, avoid the harm to people and environment.Overall speaking, enclosed dry cleaners are the defenders of ecological environmental protection, are the defenders of safety and health, is a sign of green dry cleaning.Only equipped with fully enclosed dry cleaners, dry cleaners can called green dry cleaners.Under the environmental protection consciousness gradually into the heart of spring, green dry cleaners are more likely to get consumers, business will thrive more thereby.
         Second, shortened the working time, improve the overall efficiency, have higher use value.Enclosed dry cleaners can improve the dry cleaners drying efficiency, shorten the drying recovery time, to improve the efficiency of the dry washer as a whole.For a dry cleaner, work time is money.If every time a dry cleaners can save three minutes of time, the company with two dry cleaners dry cleaners a day can save one hour of time, so in the case of customer enough, can provide more services, thus improved the dry cleaners.
         Again, save raw materials, avoid waste, more can reduce the resource cost during the work.Enclosed dry cleaners dry lotion to full recovery is achieved, great lotion to save unnecessary waste.In enclosed dry cleaners had been there before, open dry cleaners have been the main force in the dry cleaners, due to the open air dry cleaners use water-cooled recycling, recovery rate is low, there are quite a number of dry lotion with steam from escaping into the air, forming a large amount of waste.Recycling and closed dry cleaners adopt refrigeration type, does not need external emissions, can achieve inside drying recycling, makes dry lotion particles into a liquid dry cleaning oil in steam, greatly saves the volatile part of the dry cleaning oil.For dry cleaners management, cost savings is undoubtedly an effective way to get the most profit, but also more catering to the call of The Times advocate saving.
         In conclusion it can be seen that enclosed dry cleaners for the dry cleaners, is guaranteed to customers, also guaranteed for their employees.And open dry cleaners because of the limitation of its own nature lead to its an, is understandable.The dry cleaning when investors choose the dry cleaning equipment, to be able to see The Times, to buy closed-end dry cleaners, to avoid losses, both for the society well.