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Laundry equipment classification and functions


       ENEJEAN laundry franchisees often call the headquarters to consulting a convergence problem, is that what is the difference between the dry cleaners and laundry equipment?What are the laundry equipment?Do a general idea for the convenience of franchisees, ENEJEAN dry cleaning technology co., LTD., it is necessary to do a preliminary description by category.
       Dry cleaners is the use of chemical solvents and mechanical energy to work together to wash clothes, and have to take off the agent, drying, filtration purification, solvent recovery, and other functions of machinery and equipment.Dry cleaners or that is the laundry equipment;Laundry equipment, including laundry equipment, washing equipment, drying equipment, ironing equipment, auxiliary equipment, etc.
       Laundry equipment included in the laundry washing machinery and equipment, belonging to one of the important categories.And  laundry equipment (dry cleaners) according to different classification, can do different division.
       According to the different technical indicators, dry washer washing machinery equipment can be divided into the open air dry cleaners, totally enclosed dry cleaners and the "fifth generation" dry cleaners.
       According to the use of solvent chemical solvent, can be divided into the following six categories:
      (1) tetrachloroethylene dry cleaners, is refers to the use of tetrachloroethylene for cleaning solvent dry cleaners, tetrachloroethylene Per solvent for short.
      (2) bromide carbon dry cleaners, refers to the use of HYD (namely) of hydrocarbon solvent dry cleaners.
      (3) oil dry cleaners, is refers to the use of solvent oil, namely hydrocarbon solvents as cleaning solvent dry cleaners, such as DF2000, DF4000 category.
      (4) liquid carbon dioxide dry cleaners, refers to the use of liquid our fleet of solvent dry cleaners.
      (5) the fluorine element dry cleaners, refers to the use Fll3, F141B etc for the dry cleaners dry cleaning solvent.
      (6) is A kind of KP - A recently introduced the use of compound solvent dry cleaners.
     From the point of machine structure itself, can be divided into the following three categories:
      (1) Per class dry cleaners.Use of tetrachloroethylene solvent, solvent fluorine element and KP - A composite solvent, such as dry cleaners basic principle and system structure, but the fluorine element dry cleaners is the use of special hot air distillation box.
      (2) the HYD class dry cleaners.Using solvent oil solvent and bromide carbon, because these two kinds of solvents are flammable, explosive safety, therefore, this kind of dry cleaners have special structure requirement.
It is solvent and cooling device, ensure that solvent washing in below the flash point of the low temperature condition.
      The second is the lean oxygen device, ensure that in the whole process of dry cleaning. Dry cleaners oxygen content less than 8%, in an explosion caused by solvent to prevent contact with oxygen.Usually adopts the automatic detection of oxygen content in the dry cleaners each cavity, and the filling into the method of nitrogen.
      Third, anti-static equipment, automatic detection in the process of dry cleaning solvent resistance value, to determine the solvent is static electricity.Usually use automatic injection solvent resistance changes of lye to eliminate solvent to produce static electricity.
      Four is drying air flow adjusting device, usually by testing the temperature of the drying air duct import and export to automatically regulate the flow of cold and hot air to control the solvent gas concentration and temperature of the drying air.This kind of dry cleaners are generally the use of special vacuum distillation unit.
       (3) CO2 class dry cleaners, using liquid carbon dioxide solvent for cleaning solvent.This is a recent developed in high pressure dry cleaners.Because the work in high pressure condition of its special structure, expensive, has yet to use of the popularization.