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How do laundry laundry equipment operation and maintenance?

       Laundry industry operators and managers understand that laundry equipment operation and maintenance of quality and service level is directly related to the laundry laundry, even in the laundry room, business performance.Laundry equipment maintenance, operation quality is high, it will create better benefit for the laundry, the opposite.
       ENEJEAN laundry franchising headquarters senior experts to take this with you laundry washing machinery equipment operators analysis may damage, improper operation and maintenance and share with you the scientific and reasonable method of operation and maintenance skills.
       Laundry equipment operation may be the consequences of improper
       1. Clothes washing effect is not good.Laundry staff in daily use in the process of washing machinery and equipment, if not in accordance with the process specification to operate, not scientific and reasonable to control water, air and detergent, it could lead to washing of fabric is not clean, reduce the service life of the linen, and other issues.
       2. To shorten the service life of the equipment.Scientific and standardized operation laundry equipment, not only can improve the work efficiency, also can extend its service life.On the other hand, according to the operation specification and process not use laundry equipment, will reduce its work efficiency, shorten service life.
       3. The frequent laundry equipment failure.Laundry laundry equipment belong to precision machinery equipment, at the time of use, must be in accordance with the manual, standardization, otherwise easy to damage the original equipment parts, resulting in frequent equipment failure, affect the normal use, thereby affecting the laundry normal production and operation.
       4. Could cause safety accidents.According to incomplete statistics, in the laundry industry in our country every year hundreds of cases of the safety of the accident, the accident laundry equipment mainly due to improper operation.Special remind everybody, therefore, must be in strict accordance with the operating rules, cannot careless.
       5. Lead to bacterial infection.Here mainly refers to some special fields such as in a hospital, in the use of laundry equipment, the operator does not to do a good job of sorting and classification, fabric before washing, which leads to the fabric attached bacteria cross infection in the washing process.
       More than 5 is the laundry equipment problems in the case of improper operation.
       Laundry equipment daily operation and maintenance skills
       ENEJEAN joining chain headquarters to remind each laundry laundry must be in strict accordance with the procedures, and ensure the normal operation of the laundry equipment and laundry business to normal.
       One (1) is the equipment used at a time, to open the inlet valve, drain back to in situ, reselect laundry program, make laundry equipment running again, stay program runs out, then clean screen pack, ready for the next boot device.
       2 it is to keep clear dirt debris in laundry equipment.The laundry equipment like a sewer, there often scale, rubbish, such as fabric fiber, organic matter, dust and laundry environment humidity, easy to make the bacteria multiply, once again, laundry, will be contaminated clothing, bring harm to human body.Therefore, must keep clear of pollutants, keep clean laundry equipment.
      Third, after each use the laundry equipment, be sure to open the lid.Laundry equipment on the surface looks very clean, actually inside of a wide range of bacteria.So after each use the laundry equipment, best timely emptying the water inside, and open the lid, in order to avoid breeding ground for bacteria, affect the next washing effect.