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The hot summer hotel washing equipment need often clean disinfection

      It was the season of all kinds of bacteria thrive in hot summer, especially in some relatively humid environment, hotel laundry is usually configured in the basement or basement, environment relative humidity, and every day is dealing with water, it has been a laundry washing equipment cleaning problem staff the most headaches, if washing equipment for a long time not to clean and disinfect will be accumulated in washing equipment within the drum is very dirt, the dirt is not clean for a long time will cause secondary pollution to wash the clothes.ENEJEAN washing equipment under the shallow of experts will give you about how to give the hotel clean disinfection washing equipment;
       Let is look at why washing machine with bacteria only we find the root cause of the problem we are good to solve,
      According to understand, fully automatic washing machines, is usually made of stainless steel inner cylinder, outer barrel nesting of inner and outer cylinder sandwich called sandwich washing equipment.Wash water flow between the washing equipment sandwich and inner cylinder.Time grew, interlayer will accumulate in a layer of dark, sticky dirty stain and dirt, and a large number of bacteria.Wash clothes, dirt, germs, etc. Will be brought into the washing water, about the formation of secondary pollution.
      CDC experts said that in use more than half a year washing equipment, washing equipment bacteria which is as high as 81.3%, including mold detection rate 60.2%, total coliforms detection rate is as high as 100%, which also detect a variety of other bacteria such as pseudomonas aeruginosa.On which the automatic washing equipment for residual water discharge clean, not easy to take off the sink and washing interlayer between gap is very small, than the traditional double cylinder washing machines were more likely to lead to mold growth.Human body in secondary pollution clothes, very easy to get bacterial infections.
       In the absence of technical personnel to guide and help to clean their washing machines
      At present, there are two main types of washing machines wash way, is a professional maintenance staff please remove interlining wash washing equipment, high cost this way is more troublesome.Another is to use professional high antibacterial rate of washing tank cleaner for cleaning equipment, decontamination aseptic step is completed, the operation is simple and convenient.
      For fully automatic washing machines, just a bag of washing equipment of the tank detergent into the washing machine inside the cylinder, add water to the high water level (dirt serious when, can use 40 ℃ warm water, the better), running for about 5 minutes, make detergent dissolved in full, and then turn the power off, soak 1-6 hours, and then according to the washing equipment daily washing standard model cleaning (washing - rinse - dehydration) 1 times, operation is simple and convenient.
      Although it is a cliche, but for hotel washing equipment cleaning and disinfection is very important, is directly related to your hotel resident health and the quality of the hotel room, in order to change the prompt the quality of the hotel room and praise of the guests, please to do a good job of hotel laundry washing.