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How to prevent the hot summer washing equipment failure

        Hot summer air temperature is higher, is also a big problem for hotel laundry room, high temperature can cause bacteria breed laundry in the washing equipment, high temperatures can easily lead to equipment parts because of the high temperature lead to strike, the circuit is easy to short circuit, the motor temperature freezing, and so on phenomenon:
        Want to keep a strike washing equipment, so we must first know what are the causes of their emergence strike, then by click on the break, finally to achieve effective prevention and control.By collating we found that overheating is the main factors that cause its a strike, washing equipment overheating may be caused by unstable voltage, overload timeout improper use, poor internal heat, belt adjustment, bearing a lack of oil etc.
        Improper adjustment of traditional belt, washing machines use V belt transmission, more if the V belt too tight or too loose, can make the motor operation caused by abnormal heat, and smell, cause the machine can not normal use.At this point, we should adjust the position of the motor after downtime, the consistence can make v belt.
        About bearing oil shortage, washing equipment work pressure, the greater the its rotational frequency is, the higher the frequency, the rise of the bearing parts of the coefficient of friction also will increase, and with the augmentation of the coefficient of friction, the possibility of a lack of oil will tend to rise, lack of oil is a direct result of bearing high heat, can not use the primary factor, so in order to ensure the normal use, we must ensure the bearing lubrication, loaded with butter on a regular basis.
        About internal heat dissipation, long term not cleaning maintenance makes washing equipment accumulated a large number of plush inside affect the normal heat dissipation of the foreign body, such as the washing equipment is a need to work the machine under normal temperature environment, so once confronted with poor heat dissipation for a long time, so the strike is inevitable.So, in order to it can normal production, we must to clean up the maintenance regularly, make sure that the heat flow.
        About voltage instability, this summer is the peak period of electricity, voltage instability is a common phenomenon, and for our washing equipment the power draw, if access to the voltage instability, it will not be able to start running normally, make motor current increases, resulting in overheating.To this, we might as well buy a isobaric current stabilizer for voltage regulation.
      About overload timeout, in the summer because of linen change number frequency increases, so naturally higher working pressure washing equipment, many users in order to catch up constantly in this environment, efficiency is blindly to overload, timeout, use of washing equipment, finally caused by load does not strike.So, in order to prevent this happened, we must reasonable use of washing equipment, to ensure that each drum load does not exceed 80% of its rated capacity, use no more than 12 hours a day.
      Anyhow, safety first, check all kinds of equipment, under the condition of high temperature can use some cooling way, various kinds of washing equipment in the laundry room are gas and electricity in the event of accident consequence is unimaginable.