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Winter washing equipment used to conquer different clothes washing method


Autumn is washing machines wash attention, various industries are full of vitality.Especially travel before marriage, so did the washing industry.But a lot of laundry in the BBS report a see big washing equipment list of the function of the model, the huge parsing is dizzy, I do not know where to begin;Use of washing equipment is a hindrance, for different clothing should be different washing methods, ENEJEAN washing machinery manufacturing co., LTD., the technology of small make up here is introduced several winter laundry tips.
 A, leather cleaning method
 1. According to the different processing methods are divided into light leather face skin, face and face, and the light shone and dye lacquer face light and the light shone.
 2. The classification of different leather for leather should pay special attention to in the process of use and maintenance, the grinding face with this dye light shone and not oil.Spray paint, all leather polish wipes with shoe polish.
 3. Leather clothing should pay attention to moistureproof, otherwise once be affected with damp be affected with damp mildewy, leather coat will lose its luster, affect the fastness.Leather, such as with the rain, should immediately with towel or clean cloth blot moisture, and placed in a cool, ventilated place dry, do not insolate, baking, or leather will harden or contract.
 4. Leather be affected with damp be affected with damp moldy processing method: using a brush and a clean cloth, will be moldy part to wipe clean, and then with a little oil evenly wipes (grinding face skin discomfort), before the leather before wiping less obvious place to try to wipe, if produce oil seepage or discoloration phenomenon, unable to recover After the stop using immediately when primary colors and brush, with hangers hanging in a cool ventilated place after about 24 hours, will the leather surface with a clean cloth.The skin of the residual oil is wiped clean.
 5. Dressed in leather should be paid attention to in order to protect the leather from leather is hard or sharp objects cut, prevent the leather with oil pollution, etc.Light face dust.Oil can timely handle with dry cloth or brush can;Wool face and rub face can use melons cloth (already used, avoid to use the new) or eraser to wipe dirty place, if can not completely wiped clean, can go to the cleaner use of dry cleaners to washing, and it is forbidden to use oil or other chemical processing.
Second, down jacket washing codes
 1. The use of neutral detergent to wash down jacket, do not use strong detergent, bleach and clothing fabric softener, cleaning can be a short time before soaking, brush gently with a soft brush net neckline, cuffs and so on easy to dirty parts;
 2. Down jacket machine washable, but not dry.Wash before pulling all zipper and button by mouth.Washing equipment selection with warm water and mild mode, do not use the dry function, can be damaged by strong centrifugal force down jacket fabrics or vertical line;
 3. To thoroughly rinse clean detergent and soap bubbles.Transition can be damaged by frequent washing down jacket to keep warm medium eiderdown, so in the premise of keep clean, please try to reduce the washing frequency;
Three, wool washing tips
 1. The washing temperature should be appropriate;For sweater, we give preference to dry cleaning or washed by hand, when washed by hand, not more than 30 ℃, water temperature is not recommended to use detergent, can choose a woolen sweater for detergent, warm water, woolen sweater smudgy situation discretion add volume, immerse rub, knead gently again dipped again, so repeated several times, and then use clean water, dehydration, 1 to 2 minutes.
 2. Do not use hanger to dry;Conditions can be dehydrated woolen sweater in an environment of 80 ℃ drying, if room temperature dry best without hangers, but with the airing wear sleeves hang or tile, placed in a cool, ventilated place.
 3. When washing a face, do not knead;The clothing lining outer, in detergent fully dissolved in five minutes, slowly squeeze to wet clothes, do not rub.With warm water first, after washing in cold water, rinse.
 4. Add vinegar to prevent getting old;When washing in warm water with a little vinegar, in order to prevent the clothes become travel-weary.
 5. How to deal with buckling;Annoying wrinkles appeared on the sweater, steam ironing machine can be transferred to the low temperature condition, from the woolen sweater 1 ~ 2 cm for ironing.Can also be a towel cover on the sweater ironing again, such both neither can hurt wool fiber, also won not leave traces of iron.
 6. How to deal with the bulb;The bulb is on the sweater undercoat formed after a long period of friction.In general, the sight of the hair bulb will feel sweater quality is bad, in fact it is a sign of quality of sweater.Soft, good quality clothes easy pilling, which means good quality sweater easy pilling.The naked eye hair bulb can cut with scissors. Do not forced snapped off sweaters on the bulb, so easy to make it damaged.
In general should make dissolve detergent.Such as the water temperature is too low, difficult Zhui dissolve detergent washing equipment, can use first around 30 ℃ dissolve a small amount of warm water to make it.Such as clothing and dirty, available 40 ℃, 50 ℃ warm water washing.According to the material of clothes to determine which detergent.Had better choose synthetic detergent, such as low foam or no foam detergent is better.Synthetic detergent roughly divided into neutral and weak alkaline and strong alkaline three.When catharsis silk, wool fabric, it is advisable to use neutral or weak alkaline;When washing oil is more cotton and linen fabrics, with strong alkaline best;When washing with patches, such as blood, oil, clothing, can be used with enzyme detergent;When washing with rust fabrics, appropriate chooses detergent containing sodium borate.