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ENEJEAN After-sales service


In order to make the repair work to effectively manage and maintain, our company will provide comprehensive services for the whole maintenance support engineering and support.
First, after-sales service support
After our company will set up in engineering, with professional engineers to participate in, is responsible for the orderly conduct of maintenance support project, configure the service of mobile phone. Our company promise owner notice within 2 hours, sent to the treatment engineering, equipment, quality problems, in the event of an emergency repair accident, we will arrive at the scene of the accident repair in 1 hour.At the same time provide 7 * 24 hour hotline service, and network support services, once the hotline changes we will inform the owner a week in advance..
Second, the quality assurance measures
Our company will provide advanced high quality new system equipment and spare parts, in order to meet the user specifications mentioned specifications, provide product guarantee is the original manufacturer brand new, unused products.Our company cooperate with supplier and reserve sufficient spare parts, and establish and improve user files.Through the customer service center, informed the user and the product use, timely and accurate to solve the system fault.
Of the equipment supplied by our company stage during the installation, commissioning and final acceptance after the warranty period, the equipment in the system design, equipment manufacture first-class technical or quality problem and fault impact normal operation, and operators to handle problems, our company will provide free repair service, timely resolution of equipment and all kinds of problems in equipment repair problems.

Third, after-sales service measures
The company ensure that the interests of users, to provide the user long-term technical support, and to ensure that the price is not higher than similar equipment to provide customers with spare parts, and equipment manufacturers work together, guarantee for all equipment required parts to provide spare parts and technical support for at least 10 years.
The company will establish and improve user files, through the use of advanced computer network management, query at any time.
The company has a customer service hotline, so that the user at any time when the user equipment malfunction can get timely response of the company.We will be presented to users to solve technical problems and the problems to provide substantial after-sales service measures.
We will after the user requirements and questions, telephone support to work time, 7 x 24 hour telephone support, on-site response, fault diagnosis and troubleshooting, best use environment Suggestions, such as spare parts to provide a variety of ways to provide users with comprehensive services, the service of the specific project and the price is not included in this package, will be separately provided if necessary.
In the warranty maintenance services, on the basis of this engineering services continue to improve, to ensure that the equipment do not affect reliability due to the use fixed number of year.
Spare parts to replace, we carried on the close cooperation and manufacturers, have enough spare parts, timely repair or replacement of damaged equipment, more than d m, equipment and spare parts through the price is not higher than the contract equipment provided to the user.
Fault response: after the equipment malfunction, receives the user the fault within 2 hours after notification of malfunction sent technical personnel arrived at the scene, for emergency repair, reach the site within 1 hour.
Periodic inspection: according to user requirements or system specifications and regulations for the industry to implement maintenance inspection.Our quarterly inspection of equipment, guarantee the stability of system operation.
Submit inspection maintenance record: after each inspection maintenance, to record the inspection situation, sign and submit to the user will record on file.
Fourth, maintenance plan
1, on-site troubleshooting
Upon receiving notification, the owner, to the scene to solve the problem, my company will arrange the engineer arrived at the scene within 2 hours, to reach the site within 1 hour emergency fault, with the fastest speed response to the user service demand.
2, regular maintenance
To strengthen the preventive maintenance of equipment or system, from the economic point of view of owner is economical.Through to the equipment maintenance, can extend the equipment use fixed number of year and run pipe, delay update overhaul that need a lot of money, improve the utilization rate of equipment and use value.From the Angle of the performance of the equipment, through preventive maintenance, the device can keep working normally for a long time, equipment performance will not decrease rapidly or damage, which can avoid a major equipment failure.Preventive maintenance based on the basis of the plan and schedule, in the period of equipment used for regular maintenance and testing, to prevent the equipment and system equipment failure and damage can occur, and regular preventive maintenance and daily maintenance warranty, in the event of a potential precursor to failure should be in a timely manner to maintain, for a few small fault nor light meaning.
Maintenance service plan :
A. month maintenance
Clean dust removal equipment.
The equipment for routine inspection, to ensure the system running normally.
Clean all the major equipment running records, analysis and operation.
Check all devices.
B. change garments according to the maintenance
Clean dust removal equipment.
To register as a routine inspection of the equipment to guarantee the system running normally.
Test for main equipment, replace all the equipment is not normal.
Clean all the major equipment running records, analysis and operation.
C. half year maintenance
Check all the equipment installation of fixed, shift condition.
A comprehensive check terminal equipment, etc.
Change garments according to the maintenance project is included.
D. 10-year-old maintenance
Inspection and calibration of all systems and equipment to ensure that the system can run according to the factory standard.
Check and test the whole system.
Check the project repeated maintenance.
3, service report
My company technical support engineer will be according to the requirements of each system, on-site technical support service is provided for the important fault handling summary report, for the customer service center running state analysis system, summarizes the reasons and prevention measures.According to the problems arising in the course of engineer on site support, make technical analysis summary report.
4, pay a return visit system
To protect the interests of the owner, we established a perfect customer service system, we have a comprehensive technical team of professional services.Service for each user to establish a special file, visit regularly, to ensure that the service efficiency.At the same time, we have independent technology development capability, closely tracking the latest industry technology, the owners to provide a full range of technical support and engineering consulting.
Five, the commitment to engineering services
My company has an experienced team of engineers, responsible for the maintenance support after the construction of the project, the operation and application of the contracted projects to provide full support.
My company as a business partner of numerous manufacturers, and manufacturers maintained from senior department to work group level of frequent contact.This connection so that both the operation, product information to customers and have a complete understanding of the latest technology solutions, make our company able to handle the maintenance more effective and more perfect technical problems encountered in the process.