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Buy washing equipment not only depends on the internal more depends on the surface material

     Industrial washing machine for many applications in the laundry room and washing plant, as a put in the water area, relative to the mysterious a industrial washing machine.So the more time we focus on the very not good, not to care about the look.But in the ENEJEAN washing machinery manufacturing co., LTD. The technology of small make up, buy washing equipment not only depends on the internal organization more should pay attention to the outside material.We just say so because, for washing equipment, very not good-looking is composed by the appearance of the material, structure, manufacturing process, etc.And these are just able to reflect the quality of some of the details of their own.
     Such as stainless steel material shell washing equipment, because of surface smooth, gorgeous, so its nature than good-looking many adopts plastic case.At the same time in the rust resistance, resistance to squeeze aspect superiority, so it is natural to longer service life.The probability of failure is much lower, too.Such as washing equipment inside and outside the tube if can again in the welding place treatment level off is smooth, not only look more beautiful, also reduce its actual use caused by burrs more linen damage problem.
Not only that, for each inspection department, the appearance of the washing equipment is added to measure whether a washing equipment quality compliance.Like in flow with the most current QBT2323 industrial washing machine quality standards, for the appearance of the washing machines have the following several requirements.
      1, washing with chrome plating on the equipment should be strong, the surface should be uniform color, can not have peeling, corrosion, bubble, flow mark, spots, scratches and other defects.At the same time on the machine with black oxidation pieces should not have rust, tinea, scratches and other defects.
      2, washing equipment paint or spray parts farmers face should be uniform color, should not have paint bottom leakage, wrinkles, bubble, flow mark, defects such as cracks, scratches and concave shrinkage.
      3, machinery nameplate, should set correct firmly machines obvious 10 marks should be clear and complete, small scratches, cracks and other defects, at the same time, various p not marks or the warning message should be rightly placed on machine parts is obvious, and clear and complete adhesion is strong, can not have become warped edge, falls off phenomenon.
      ENEJEAN washing machinery manufacturing co., LTD. All generated washing equipment are basically adopts 304 stainless steel as the equipment surface structure, our company mainly produces automatic industrial washing machine, full suspension isolation type washing machine, dryer, automatic dryers, many wrinkles in rolling combined machine, dry cleaners, laundry, ironing table, elution drying machine equipment.Through strict ISO9001 quality management system review, after checked by Guangzhou measurement quality, adopt and implement the WTO international management mode, production equipment modelling beautiful, durable, wide varieties of products and complete, no matter from the appearance or quality, is in the lead position in the industry.