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Why buy fully enclosed laundry equipment

     Laundry equipment according to the machine construction can be divided into open laundry equipment, semi-closed laundry equipment and enclosed laundry equipment.A lot of friends do not understand what laundry equipment sealing technology is used, why enclosed laundry equipment is better than not enclosed laundry equipment.
     Enclosed laundry equipment refers to the laundry equipment used in the process of a washing cycle refrigeration drying recovered in the form of laundry equipment.The open laundry equipment is to point to in the process of washing with water, drying the recycling laundry equipment.Say enclosed laundry equipment is better than open laundry equipment, primarily based on the following two reasons:
 First, the enclosed laundry equipment to minimize the harm of laundry staff, is a green environmental protection technical symbol of laundry equipment.
      Whether oil washing equipment or tetrachloroethylene laundry equipment, produces in the process of dry cleaning solvent steam, and in the process of drying recycling, there will be a small amount of residual solvent steam in the cylinder body washing and laundry equipment, will these residues in row smelly steam exhaust to the outside of the laundry equipment, and long-term inhaled once staff even a small amount of even tiny amounts of these gases, can cause discomfort, and even cause disease.
      Besides, effects of the dry cleaners workers, if the residual gas emissions to the dry cleaners in the outside air, also of atmospheric pollution, and the proportion of tetrachloroethylene after liquefaction heavier than water, so immersed in the bottom layer of soil and water, cause of soil pollution, form directly to the destruction of the human survival environment.
      Enclosed laundry equipment can put the laundry equipment a thorough recycling solvent steam cylinder body, and in the fifth generation of enclosed laundry equipment, using the activated carbon adsorption device, the outlet in the installation of the adsorber, so basically the vapor can be completely recycled to the oil-water separator.As a result, the totally enclosed technology of laundry equipment security more secure.
      Second, enclosed laundry equipment save consumables more than open laundry equipment, thus saving the cost of dry cleaners.
Open laundry equipment using water as cooling medium for dry cleaning drying oil recovery.Due to the temperature of the water in the general case of 15 ℃ to 30 ℃ or higher.Under these conditions the effect of the drying for dry cleaning oil recycling is very limited.Studies have shown that under the condition of 15 ℃ cooling water, dry cleaning oil consumption is 5% - 6%, if the water temperature is raised to 20 ℃ dry cleaning oil consumption decreased to about 10%, when the water temperature rise to 30 ℃, dry cleaning oil consumption will be as high as 20%, which is one of the reasons for the summer dry cleaning oil consumption big.
     Totally enclosed laundry equipment installation of a complete set of freon refrigeration system, freon beside the cooling process of the cooling pipe can produce - 20 ℃ to 30 ℃ low temperature, through the cold side pipe in the process of drying air temperature can be decreased from 50 ℃ to - 2 ℃ or so, under the condition of such a large difference in temperature, dry cleaning oil can be completely recycled.Research shows that in any water temperature under the condition of 10 ℃ to 35 ℃, fully enclosed laundry equipment of dry cleaning oil can keep at between 1.1% and 1.5% of consumption.If using activated carbon recycling equipment, dry cleaning oil consumption can be reduced to less than 1%.
      From the above analysis, it was clear that the enclosed laundry equipment in reducing consumption of dry cleaner contribution is enormous.According to the survey, fully enclosed laundry laundry cost of equipment is roughly $0.2 to $0.2 per kg clothes or so, the cost of open machine in 2 yuan.
      And you finally know why buy laundry equipment to buy fully enclosed.ENEJEAN dry cleaners to join chain development of production is the fifth generation of the earliest enabler of laundry equipment, resistance to clean laundry equipment investment programs in Iraq, we always recommend franchisees choose totally enclosed laundry equipment, is also based on the above two reasons.