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ENEJEAN washing equipment pioneered the use of non-inductive vector frequency converter

    Laundry market competition, nature is little not the laundry equipment and other equipment, and equipment of the competition, in the final analysis is the competition of the new technology.To consolidate ENEJEAN laundry joining chain occupies a leading position in the field of industry technology, recently, ENEJEAN washing after many experiments, decided in its new laundry equipment for reference to the latest non-inductive vector inverter frequency conversion technology.
     A, what is non-inductive vector inverter?
     The fifth generation of laundry equipment are basically frequency conversion washing equipment, washing equipment internal use modern variable frequency technology, and the inverter is the core carrier of frequency conversion technology.Vector control frequency converter is divided into the U/F control frequency converter, inverter, such as vector control frequency converter is divided into with and without PG PG feedback feedback.Non-inductive vector inverter in fact refers to the low frequency torque vector way into a more detailed classification of the inverter, its output current harmonic component is small, quiet, steady, high efficiency and flexible control, convenient, can be applied to a variety of applications, the more perfect protection function.
    Second, the laundry equipment dependence on frequency converter:
To illustrate the laundry equipment dependence on frequency converter, below we first to know about the laundry equipment working mode:
 First, add water, washing operations for 15 minutes, after washing, drainage, entered the stage of dehydration, dehydration phase consists of a uniform, at medium and high three process (uniform is in the water and without water, with nearly one times higher than washing process of rotating speed is 2 minutes, make clothing attached equably in the drum of the washing machine inside, in order to make the subsequent dehydration process smoothly).
     Second, drainage, and improve the speed to enter medium-speed dehydration process (2 minutes), then in the process of high-speed dehydration (3 minutes), make the moisture content of clothes down to the required level.
Finally, we know about the speed in different stages of the laundry equipment: A washing: 30 about RPM;Uniform B: 60 about RPM;Medium: around 400 RPM;High speed: 700 ~ 800 RPM.
     From the above laundry equipment working environment, work mode, we know that commercial laundry equipment requirements of the frequency converter can provide high torque and speed, wide voltage range, automatic slip compensation.This converter for laundry equipment put forward higher requirements, and the emergence of non-inductive vector frequency converter, can meet the above requirements.
 So, non-inductive vector inverter which technical characteristics meet the high requirements of the laundry equipment working environment?
 The advantages of three, non-inductive vector frequency converter:
 Non-inductive vector frequency converter, USES the excellent control strategy has the faster dynamic response, current limiting technology and hardware optimization design, make the overload capacity of the products with super low frequency torque is big, 0.5 HZ  150% rated torque, good performance and showed the following:
     1, high reliability, improve the reliability of the design scheme, such as redundant design, derating design, etc., all components are all made of industrial or military rank, key components all adopt the imported components, such as mitsubishi IPM module, BHC capacitance, IXYS rectifier bridge, etc.Key circuits are all made of high integration, thick film IC, thus ensuring the reliability of the whole machine;
     2, soft start, more energy saving money: due to motor for direct start or Y / & Delta;Start, the start current is equal to (3-7) times rated current, which can cause serious damage to mechanical and electrical equipment and power grid, but also to the power grid capacity requirements are too high, the large current when starting and vibration to the detriment of the service life of equipment.Using variable frequency energy saving after modification, use the soft start function of the frequency converter makes the starting current starting from scratch, no more than rated current, the maximum to reduce the impact to the grid and the requirement of power supply, extend the service life of the equipment.