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ENEJEAN tell you to open a dry cleaners how to choose the dry cleaning equipment


    Is the soul of dry cleaners, dry cleaning equipment is the most important hardware dry cleaners.Open a dry cleaners dry cleaning equipment how to choose? Do not worry, ENEJEAN tell you.When selecting a dry-cleaning equipment must pay attention to the following:
    A, dry cleaners do not empty table
Concepts such as "goods to buy a leather" in the choose and buy dry cleaners is absolutely not.Shape even if is one aspect of the class, but for dry-cleaning business operators, the function of the dry washer performance is the most important thing.So buy a dry washer must not be appearance.
    Second, the materials and components must be thoroughly
    1, exposure to tetrachloroethylene key components such as: distillation, distillation condenser, recycling air duct, install door, inside the cylinder, button, filter powder collector, water tank, piping, etc should be stainless steel material, so that the life of the dry cleaners to have guarantee.Some manufacturers of stainless steel polishing processing, material could tell at a glance, and layout is beautiful, so the class improved significantly.In easy to overlook the air duct, button collectors manufactured components on the ordinary carbon steel, such as paint only do simple processing, using corrosion rust cannot be repaired reoccupy a year.Therefore, dry cleaners procurement, observation must be.
    2, the structure of the outer cylinder, bottom box containing tetrachloroethylene supports should be used more than 2.5 mm thick material quality of ordinary steel, and the internal through FRP effective anticorrosive processing, able to acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, tetrachloroethylene and other organic solvents can be up to 8-10 years service life.Some manufacturers use only 1 mm thickness plate as supports of stainless steel material, machine easily damaged due to severe vibration, and the seam is easy to damage by corrosion and rust.These are the purchase should pay attention to identify true bogus.
    3, for refrigeration accessories, pressure control components, electrical components, motor, inverter, etc., need to adopt the brand products.
Third, the design
Electrical design: frequency control of motor speed dry cleaners, not only energy saving but also dry cleaners in the washing to speed up the process of high-speed dry smooth acceleration, and set up the clothes uniform procedures, make no impact on the smooth start to the machine, the service life of the machine are guaranteed, if USES is washing a two-speed motor as a driving force, in the left after each washing drum suddenly start working, clothing are not divide evenly, high-speed jilt dries and machine vibration, big impact, this will shorten the service life of the machine.
Inside the drum design: the design of the cylinder diameter and depth ratio should be appropriate, for 6 kg type dry cleaners, 650 mm diameter is more appropriate, within the cylinder before and after the vertical plate should be raised pressure type structure, this can not only increase the drum strength, and the whole structure size laundry clothes before and after the ladder break soft strong, wash clothes and do not damage the fabric.Some manufacturers for mould, USES in the flat roller structure and some even take 6 kg as 8 kg dry cleaners, deceive consumers.
Bottom case and the piping design: bottom box should use three box structure, equipped with large sight glasses, before and after equipped with the spray pipe system, let the bottom box fluid, cleaning bottom case and lens is more convenient.Piping design should guarantee the sling when liquid discharge quickly, avoid the towing that dry net, not affect the drying effect.
    Fourth, see security performance
    1, design: pressure vessel should use two relief valve, a pressure control device, pressure gauge and two dry heating protection device, this design can guarantee personal safety in a reliable way.
    2, processing and manufacturing: should entrust pressure vessel manufacturing plant material welding of pressure vessels, and strict in accordance with the standards of pressure vessel inspection, testing, inspection, and for the record filing, safe from the processing and manufacturing performance.
    Fifth, the energy saving effect
    Whether the transmission system adopts frequency control of motor speed, it can save electricity transmission power;Mainly is to look at the duct design flow is smooth, should not have the cold heat each other phenomenon, how drying can save energy, reduce drying time.