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Hotel cleaning equipment used in common attention

     Hotel is one of the necessary products in hotel laundry washing equipment, with the comprehensive application of automation technology, now of the hotel cleaning equipment are very simple to use and even realized "a key laundry" convenient operation.But for hotel washing equipment before use, use and finished with maintenance of small common sense, most consumers are not very clear, small make up today screening for everyone some hotel washing equipment common points for attention in use, and see it together.
    The hotel before using the washing equipment preparation
    1, will the hotel washing equipment on horizontal and firm ground, if slightly uneven ground, the available wrench to adjust machine feet, nut to horizontal position.The body and wall should keep a distance of more than 50 mm at least.Do not put hotel cleaning equipment in the bathroom too damp places, such as do not close to the fire, heat flow, to ensure the safe use.
    2, packed feed line, first separate inlet pipe and connector, then connector fixed on the faucet, and then connect inlet pipe into the head, can be used.
    3, packed a drain, chassis sides have drain, can choose one of the holes, according to the direction of the water to drain from the side of the drain of the skirts (not hard hard pull, to avoid damage).Drains within the machine do not contact with rotating parts.The height of the drain pipe crossing the threshold shall not exceed 150 mm.A drain head do not into water.
    4, check the power cord, do not make it by weight (for example by truckle under pressure washing equipment at the hotel), in order to avoid the power cord damage caused by the leakage or short circuit, burned parts such as accident.When pull out the power cord, should hold the plug, do not hand pull wire, to prevent man-made fault.
Hotel washing machines use instructions
    1, to contain volatile liquid (gasoline, kerosene, alcohol, thinner, etc.) of the clothing is not allowed inside the machine washing and dehydration, in case of a one thousand cause fire or explosion.
    2, washing before, should first clear away the clutter in the pocket, such as the match, hairpins, COINS, keys, etc.
    3, according to the types of clothing, smudgy degree and color, classification, first and last in washing.
, wool, silk fabrics and so on, should be put into mesh bag after washing, as with a button or by hook to fibre clothes inside, in case of injury.
    5, dress neckline, cuffs, such as serious smudgy place, use detergent knead in advance, ensure uniform washing.
    6, bleach, do not pour the bleach directly on to wash fabric, in order to avoid fabric bleaching.Type liquid bleach should during water flooding from the bleaching powder injection into the entrance.Other type of bleach should be diluted with water dissolved into when washing.
    7, hotel cleaning equipment is working, if appear violent vibration or abnormal noise, it is necessary to stop the machine immediately to check, after waiting for troubleshooting to boot.
    The maintenance of the hotel cleaning equipment after use
    1, after use, should be closed "power switch", close the water tap, row JingTong and drain the water, will be a drain on the hook, unplug the power plug from the socket.
    2, every time after washing, chip should clean up the line filters.Fill valve filter, pressure pipe connecting head filter should be cleaned regularly, to keep the water clear.
    3, hotel do not place heavy objects or heating appliances washing plant cover, etc., so as not to cause compression of cover plate, such as plastic parts and deformation.
    4, for often in wet or humid conditions motor, capacitor, wiring, switches, and timer, etc., to keep dry, do not be affected with damp be affected with damp.Motor bearings and other transmission parts should be lubricated periodically.
    5, and cannot be used under zero degree and the environment, nor water storage in the laundry tong.