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How to control the water washing machines wash circuit and daily breakdown

     Fully automatic washing machines wash water control circuit mainly includes the choice of washing, washing timer switches (keys on off.) and other components of the motor and capacitor, the washing timer is used to control the motor according to the rules of time, at the same time, the timer according to the rules of time two of the capacitor and motor winding turns to change the direction of rotation of the motor.Washing timer switch and washing of the main contact switch seeks associated circuits, Jl turn knob clockwise washing timer, the main contactor took tong, at this time if not press catharsis open balance one button
    Fully automatic washing machine motor is not running water.If the selected standard (or soft) washing key, open time washing timer, the time of the power supply with the main contactor switch s timer and peg (or soft) washing switch, and then through the polyester washing timer control time component contact within closed (or s2) supply power to washing motor when the motor in the timer control component under the control of the time, completed on schedule is turned off - reversal cyclical movements, so as to realize the larynx (or soft) washing.Standard when catharsis, motor forward or reverse 25-30 s, intermittent 3, 5 * gently when catharsis, forward or reverse 3-5 s, intermittent 5-7 s.
A, no water.Check whether the fill valve filter is blocked, water intake valve damage ? Confirmed in good condition, after both measurement with multimeter ac voltage 220 v voltage on both ends of the solenoid valve, prove that the fault the electromagnetic valve itself.Electricity stopped measuring electromagnetic valve coil resistance, normal should be 4.5 ~ 5.1 k 惟, measured its resistance value is infinite, electromagnetic inlet valve coil burn out, change the inlet valve and troubleshooting.
    Second, the feed water.Water washing equipment into water has reached the rated water level, water electromagnetic valve is not to stop water.This kind of situation usually water pressure switch is damaged, available blowing pressure method of judgment.Disconnect the power supply.Remove the water level switch, through tracheal blowing into a pressure switch back, with a multimeter to measure water level switch resistance between the two lugs, blowing air resistance should be tending to zero, do not blow air resistance should be greater than 10 k 惟.On checking the machine could not hear the measured resistance is always great and water level switch inside the action of the contact, which showed that the water pressure switch to malfunction.After replacement of water pressure switch, troubleshooting.
    Third, washing drum is not turning.Boot automatically into the water, after water washing equipment to work.After the water level to the expected to stop water, water level detection switch to normal.Hand toggle do clockwise and counterclockwise drum, drum are unable to turn, disassemble, found inside the clutch planet gear stuck due to damage, replace the clutch, troubleshooting.
    Four, washing drum when reversing.When the water is reverse washing washing equipment, clothing can only make a one-way rotating barrel, the SPC on the panel indicates no step index, can also hear components in electric contact step jump a ticking.Check the micromotor, the multimeter R x 1 k block measured dc resistance respectively for around 20 k 惟, 24 k 惟, micro-motor winding is not damaged.Then use two fingers along the turn clockwise to knead pinion, small gear running is not smooth.Check found micromotor permanent magnet rotor broken 2 block, use all-purpose adhesive to stick crack filling and firm, troubleshooting.
    Five, after electrify indicator, motor does not turn, only the buzzing sound electromagnetically.Put down the water washing equipment, remove the motor.Under the welding capacitor, multimeter R x 100 in measuring capacitance value.Will pens and into the capacitance, the clock points to zero resistance, capacitor has breakdown.Replace the capacitor, troubleshooting.