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Laundry equipment

Laundry equipment
Laundry equipment points hotel laundry equipment, washing company laundry equipment, factories and mines enterprises and institutions and universities and middle schools laundry, function, environmental protection is far higher than other industries, washing company laundry equipment, factories and mines enterprises and institutions and universities and middle schools laundry equipment or scale small, in ordinary equipment is given priority to, it as long as large capacity, high durability, maintenance is simple. Convenient to use will do. Laundry equipment have fully automatic washing off line, groove ironing machine, folding stacking machine, washing cage, dry clothes cage, roller ironing machine, dryer, ordinary industrial washing machine, dryer, dryer and all kinds of finishing equipment. For laundry equipment points high-grade type and ordinary type, four-star hotel above general USES high-grade type, to achieve the standard of laundry without water.
Ordinary convenient installation, use Jane will do laundry equipment can be divided into four categories:
1, washing machine class, including single washing machine, dryer and wash off line, and integrated tunnels automatic washing system. Wash off line according to the different performance can be divided into gravity stationary and the whole suspension type.
2, dryer class, including exhaust type dryer, composite duct dryer, intelligent dryer, etc. Exhaust type dryer according to its structure can be divided into different top and bottom flow type suction type two kinds. According to the state of air duct can be divided into axial air duct and meridional duct type.
3, folding machine class, including general folding machine, special folding machine, folding conveyor, cascading machine, etc.
4, auxiliary machinery, including pressing platform, scouring table, small steam generator, clothing transport machinery and so on. These four types of laundry building equipment suitable for hotel, hotel, washing company, units, hospitals and laundry, star hotel use complete sets of washing equipment, including dry cleaning, washing, drying, ironing, folding all kinds of equipment, and the hospital forces are commonly used dry cleaning machine, wash off line, dryer, etc., small laundry depending on the business choose dry cleaning machine, washing machine small equipment. Laundry equipment to energy-saving aspects develop a little more, the products adopt anti-corrosion stainless steel material manufacturing, full suspension damping structure, the products from small wash off line and tunnels continuous washing integrated system primarily, by German PSSA company as a representative of P50-12 integrated continuous washing system, including a qualified conveyor, a tunnel continuous washing machine, a hydraulic to take off the dry machine, a shuttle transport machine and four table blast type dryer, by a computer integrated control, automatic washing of clothing center, per hour can handle clothes 1200 kg is contemporary integrated automatic washing a typical representative of the production line. Ironing machine products toward the three-dimensional and side thermalization development, single ironing machine almost all by using the three-dimensional ironing structure, large ironing machine, the use of the heater structure to the German Italian companys groove type double roll ironing machine as an example, the machine ironing speed of 0 ~ 20 m/min, and iron drum diameter phi 800, double roller