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the resent situation and development of foreign washing industry

Looking ahead the present situation and development tendency of foreign washing market

Washing services in foreign developed countries and regions (mainly refers to the Europe and America region) for dozens of years of development history. And washing services related machinery manufacturing industry, chemical industry and for the service of plant analysis test, vocational education, to show a communication, policies and regulations, etc are more mature market behavior standard. There are so many places worth our using for reference study. Tell us about the Europe and America region washing industry market profile.

Europe and the United States washing industry market recent situation in some overseas city business activity, often have some shops out with all sorts of reason and close shut stop, but there are two shops can keep down, that is bakery and laundry, this is because the bakery can make people eat satisfied to survive, west side is is life after a decent. In resent society life, washing become and diet as important, is the human life indispensable content.

So some economists put socialization washing amount, every ten thousand people have dry cleaning technology love songs use equipment of advanced level, as a judge to observe a country or region economy is developed, the appointment of life is an important index to. It is understood that the Italian the total population of about 50 million, and dry cleaners have 20000, an average of 2500 people will have a dry cleaner. The Spanish total population of more than 4000, a dry cleaner than 4000, on average every 10000 people have a dry cleaner. Japan has a population of 120 million, laundry plant 50000 seats, in 2000 the United States washing industry water turnover of us $26 billion, Germany for 5.1 billion mark, which washed business turnover for 2.8 billion mark. The international famous brand of washing equipment manufacturer mostly concentrated in the European and American countries, laundry company also attaches great importance to the store and factory people-oriented design concept, bright, convenient, spacious, clean and tidy appearance and production workshop to realize environment and service best union, lets the customer and practitioners in McDonald to the Disneyland in the same environment to enjoy the fun of washing. Can say the European and American countries consumers are enjoying washing industry to give life to bring the quick and convenient. Laundry work in foreign no one see it as a simple social labor and decent work, but a involving machinery, chemical industry, textile, and other multi-disciplinary knowledge to create huge wealth for the society, for human beings to enjoy material industry. Today,washing industry is a modern profession, already from the original washing ironing, dyeing dry cleaning industry thoroughly remould oneself for emerging professional industry. Washing by his industry organization, education training institutions, technical research institutions, to show a communication mechanism. But these institutions are mostly folk, spontaneous formation of industry association.

The European and American market washing industry market due to the influence of the national economy growth, industry overall benefit is decreasing. Canada and the United States fabric care industry said in a report, the turnover of industry  in the past few years dropped by 8% to 25%. Germany face economic pressure also let the laundry company quantity reduce, profit decline, even collapse. To this kind of phenomenon they complained that, one is the market competition is fierce, laundry too much; The second is the rise in the cost of energy (America 2001 energy costs rise 12.6%), economic downturn affect the consumption. In Germany, 6450 enterprises have washing. Small and medium-sized enterprise quantity 91%, accounting for one-third of the whole benefit, Germany for 5.1 billion mark, which washed business turnover for 2.8 billion mark, dry cleaning of 2.3 billion mark. The European and American market washing industry market dry cleaning, washing industry accounted for the turnover Billy is dry cleaning war 5%, water west accounted for 65%. In Europe the United States home, dry cleaning industry totally enclosed tetrachloroethylene dry cleaning machine user occupy more than 80% market share, while in Japan, South Korea and Taiwan oil dry users occupies 80% market share.