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What are the dry cleaners equipment demand


         What's business content of the dry cleaners have now? If the investment open a shop, open a dry cleaners to want what equipment? Believe that a lot of people will be curious about this aspect of the problem, let's together with industry experts to learn about this aspect of the information.

         Professional dry cleaners, washing service can't be lack. The current market situation, washing clothes and household cleaning business is the developing direction of the dry cleaners, and with the improvement of material level, people care about clothing demand is also increasing, dry cleaner is also a response to market adds some value-added services, such as shoe care, sizing, etc.

         In fact most of the dry cleaner business depend on equipment work, so business friends for dry cleaners relaxed mode of operation is very interested in.

         But open a dry cleaners to want what equipment? More common is a dry washer, dryer, disinfection cabinet, ironing table, steam generator, ironing table, scouring machine, etc. ;Other packing machine, clothes, belt and so on are also more common auxiliary equipment in the dry cleaners. In view of the value-added business, washing shoes machine is more common.

         The way most dry cleaners equipment is channels directly by the manufacturer, but dry cleaning equipment which is good? Of course is a large dry cleaners - ENEJEAN washing equipment manufacturers. Such dry cleaners equipment brand more at ease, and after-sale problems is completely OK.