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Join the dry cleaners prospects? High profits?


         Join the dry cleaners prospects? High profits? Dry cleaning industry as the market of emerging service industry, the market potential is tremendous, and with considerable profits become people in the eyes of nation. So how to open a dry cleaners have profit? Market prospect can continue until what time? All of these become a problem we should think about.

         Service industry at present stage as people living standard rise gradually formed a complete system, the dry cleaning industry is a branch of the whole service system, economists also analyze the dry cleaning franchise store profits, the cleaner's profits are high relative to other industries, profit margins in 70-80%, so the laundry market prospect is extremely broad.

         Competition in the society, leads people to work, dramatically speed up the pace of life, time is efficiency, time is money, time is life already became the consensus of people, and also speed up accordingly to laundry speed requirement, primitive conditions of the traditional laundry is powerless. Due to constantly improve people's living standard, more and more ordinary people are put on the need to professional cleaners to maintain wool clothing and leather clothing, the traditional manual mill laundry already cannot satisfy the growing scale of service requirements.

         Through analyzing the dry cleaning franchise store profits, dry cleaners profit not only high and stable, dry cleaners gross margin is as high as 50-80%, the relative to other industries, is very good. Relative to other industries dry cleaning franchise store is a high profit, dry cleaning industry has more obvious customer loyalty at the same time, the number of dry cleaning franchise store in ascension, as long as you a little bit to understand some of the way of business, you can gain high profits.