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How to select washing equipment


         How to select washing equipment? Want to buy washing machines, the first thing to think about your type washing store, by the scale of investment is divided into small shops, three types of medium and large stores, if you want to be more sure your store type, can consult ENEJEAN washing franchising, they can provide you with a free door store, store decoration design and the analysis of the local market. When you determine the store type, can buy washing equipment according to actual situation.

         In general, the washing store need to configure the oil washing machine, dryer, ironing machine, electric generator, electric iron, the price of roughly 32000 RMB, on you can also choose to addition computer voice alexipharmic ark, average price in 2000 RMB, garments packing machine price at RMB 5000.

         Medium-sized shop?  You can configure the computer automatic billing system, luxurious single-door disinfection cabinet, automatic suction ironing table, etc. , these price respectively in 8000 RMB, 2000 RMB, 3000 RMB, medium-sized store configuration equipment prices between 70000 to 140000 RMB. If it is a big store, of course, need more advanced configuration, such as closed tetrachloroethylene washing machine need 70000 RMB, vertical frequency elution and 5 RMB in 50000, as the scouring and portrait machine is about 9000 RMB, it big shops with a total investment of about 240000 RMB or so, of course, investment + perseverance, careful management there will always be good returns, the general investor's psychology is to shop around carefully, to buy the washing equipment, of course, also will be very cautious. The aforementioned ENEJEAN washing franchising has professional configuration scheme for reference about the washing equipment, complete equipment and advanced, access to the international standards, and price is good, can save some cost, compare to know.