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ENEJEAN washing machinery factory specializing in the production and development of automatic elution dual-use machine, fully enclosed dry cleaners, washing machine, dryer, dewatering machine, industrial washing machines, ironing machine, folding machine, after finishing auxiliary equipment, etc., and four series for dry cleaning, washing, drying, ironing,Close to 261 specifications model.ENEJEAN Production workshop with a total area of more than 25000 square meters, all kinds of production and processing equipment, a total of 220 units (sets) to complete the regular turning, milling, planing, boring, slotting, drilling, polishing and other metal machining process and laser cutting, flame cutting, plasma cutting, punching, cutting, stamping, folding and stretching, roll forming of sheet metal processing procedure and all kinds of welding processes.We have larger and advanced equipment of the Japanese AMADA CNC laser cutting machine,Italy CNC bending machine PSG100/3000, the French HL1500 thin-wall cylinder longitudinal seam automatic welding HCT2500X2500 circular seam automatic welding machine, automatic welding HB1000 displacement machine, large acidification phosphating equipment and spraying automatic assembly line, ENEJEAN ahead of overall process and equipment level in domestic .