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How to identify the quality of dry cleaning machine?


         Dry cleaners is the mainstay of dry cleaning equipment, therefore, the quality of dry cleaners tend to represent the whole quality of the dry cleaning equipment.A successful dry cleaners, the dry cleaners on the purchase of equipment is also successful.So, when buying dry cleaning equipment, dry cleaners entrepreneurs how to identify the quality of the dry washer is key.So, investors how to identify the quality of the dry washer?Here ENEJEAN give you three Suggestions:

        First of all, learn to commissioning.So-called commissioning, is for the dry cleaners practical work, through to the dry cleaners in the work of the state to determine whether the quality of the dry cleaners.As the saying goes, is the mule is horse come out to walk, this is the theory basis for commissioning.The machine is good, try to know.Commissioning, main is to observe the stability of dry cleaners work this is the most important, and the stability is refers to the dry cleaners at run time, is there any shaking, there is no vibration, if there is any abnormal sound, and so on.Through trial, you will know more.ENEJEAN dry cleaning equipment in the factory, of course, will have after numerous tests, so we were to join the business son, will take the initiative to test and debug, franchisees don't have to worry about.

         Second, we should learn to observe and analyze all kinds of machine parameters, understand the main components are all adopt what kind of production technology, understand the manufacturers of these components is who.

         Third, we should see.See what certificate?Normal production manufacturer of machinery and equipment, are to be certified.Such as 3 c authentication, the so-called 3 c certification, is the Chinese compulsory product certification system, English name ChinaCompulsoryCertification, English abbreviation CCC.Is the Chinese government to protect consumers' personal safety and national security, enhancing product quality management, in accordance with the laws and regulations to implement a product conformity assessment system.As a kind of electrical appliances, dry cleaners also needs to have 3 c certification.In addition, also need to see if some international quality certification, etc.The more certificate, the greater the quality assurance coefficient of dry cleaners.

         Investors if the structure of dry cleaners is not very understanding, we suggest that you first query on the site and read about the structure and working principle of dry cleaners, dry washer solvent cylinder several commonly, for example, dry cleaners filtering device adopts what kind of material, what is a carbon filter system, frequency converter of dry cleaners have what effect, working frequency is how much, what is the current voltage needed, how much is the electricity power dry cleaners, etc., these should be aware.In addition, the components of dry washer is provided by which international famous enterprises, such as, ENEJEAN's main components are all adopt imported dry cleaners, can have the inverter, the German wheeler pump, control panel of South Korea's LG, the motor of the dragon.
         We recommend for you the above three concrete methods for the identification of the quality of the dry washer, hope to help you, if you have more questions need to know, also welcome you to contact us, we will sincerely provide you with more detailed consulting services.