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What is basic equipment for dry cleaners


         There is little doubt that the emergence of laundry equipment, further improve the efficiency of the laundry service, at the same time also has certain influence to the return on investment.If open a dry cleaners now, is there anything need to prepare, so sure is the basic equipment of dry cleaners.
         But what are basic equipment dry cleaners?
         We are more common dry washer, dryer, disinfection cabinet, scouring machine, ironing machine, steam generator, etc.Basically operators will purchase of a complete set of equipment, such not only can enjoy the manufacturer price concessions, for interests is guaranteed at the same time.
Dry cleaning equipment, of course, the choose and buy, also pay attention to the brand.Dry cleaning equipment which good?Industry experts recommend is    ENEJEAN dry cleaning equipment.
         What are the dry cleaning equipment
         Because a lot of times, dry cleaning technology and function design, ENEJEAN dry cleaning large vendors will go ahead.Professional manufacturer of equipment after-sales service is in place, this area can be further safeguard the interests of our loss.
         In view of the equipment maintenance, ENEJEAN dry cleaning brand consultant is also put forward some Suggestions.
         First, regular maintenance and maintenance.On the one hand is the exclusive equipment hidden danger, the other is to extend the service life of equipment.
         Second, the power in a timely manner.Especially in the case of without the use of equipment, in the hope that we can do a good job in security measures, timely power outages.
         Of course, in the operation of equipment, we have some other questions, also can contact ENEJEAN dry cleaning brand aspects.