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What laundry equipment fault solution


         What are the solution to the laundry equipment failure? Many young friends often have when the boss of the dream, and open a laundry is a good choice, this is a good thing, is also worthy of praise. However, a lot of people think is simple, the laundry is a technical content is low, the threshold is not high, anyone can do.
         But that isn't the case, the cleaners to join in, is a relatively strong technical industry in the process of open a shop, you will encounter a lot of technical problems. Of course, as an entrepreneur, you believe that you will not be alarmed by this problem, as long as you seriously, carefully, effort, these technical problems are not problems.
         Next, ENEJEAN washing experts according to the joining trader feedback some of the common technical problems, explain to you one by one.
         First, the common fault of washing machine. In general, there is no new washing machine equipment of mechanical failure, but you need to know, want to open a laundry, a few years, or longer, the process is hard to avoid some greatly small problems. This time, you need to contact your joining providers, let they provide technical support for you. Your joining in general, the first service chamber of commerce by remote communication methods to help you understand the general situation, including the time of the fault, the fault of the specific situation, you the approximate location of the napa stores and so on.
What are the solution to the laundry equipment failure? Second, the steam generator is also a frequent failure of equipment. The following three failure you may need to know:
         Liquid on the steam generator, but spray steam, the steam generator that is there are a lot of water or water mist with steam spitting out, appear this kind of circumstance may be the cause of the water pump motor reversal or drain valve is not closed;Water after heating, this kind of circumstance is likely to add hotkeys did not open, or add hot lines appear problem, etc. ;Without steam, this time need to check the back cover or steam output valve of the steam generator, look to whether open.