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Laundry equipment service life?


         Laundry equipment filter solution is the use of washing solvent for washing,, take off the liquid and drying solvent recovery and purification of washing, washing machinery realize recycling work. Is widely used in the laundry in the clothing industry. More and more up laundry, have a question: laundry equipment is how life?

         Different sizes of laundry and laundry equipment at the beginning of choose and buy is very important factor.

         If the drive is a large laundry, then since our operators to have such a financial support, advice or choose and buy some high-grade washing machine, good quality, easy to operate, durable, after saving a lot of maintenance costs. If it is a small shop, you can choose some cheap version of the washing machine, because may be a few years to increase store, need to swap high-grade washing machine again. There is, no matter what the size of the laundry, no matter choose what kind of washing machine, the late maintenance is critical.

         Laundry equipment regular maintenance is very important, experienced operators will be daily, weekly, monthly and annual nursing, some operators not completed a washing cycle will clean up a button collector, so can reduce the burden of the pump, to prevent pump plugging, prolonging the life of the pump;Laundry every three times, cleared a cilia collector, which can improve the drying of the wind flow, shorten the drying time. At the same time can reduce the cilia condenser in recycling of adhesion, reduce the corrosion of condenser. And he will check every day three components, pneumatic water, add the lubricating oil when the oil level is insufficient, will be in order to prevent water from entering the water electromagnetic valve and air valve, making them premature failure;Every day add lubricant to the refueling points according to the requirements of the machine, to ensure each bearing lubrication is adequate, extend the life of the bearing.

         So, in general, a washing machine of the large machine equipment or a long life, because don't often go to replace it, manufacturers are also commonly with that in mind, so in terms of making sure all is quality, our operators need not worry too much about the equipment problems, joining ENEJEAN laundry, even if there is something wrong with the late, also can contact headquarters, headquarters can help entrepreneurs to solve these problems.