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ENEJEAN dry cleaners equipment expensive?


         Dry cleaners equipment how many money? How much money a dry cleaner equipment to join us? How much is the franchise brand dry cleaning equipment? Open a dry cleaners, and the most important thing is the investment of dry cleaning equipment, so, how much dry cleaning equipment? Understand ENEJEAN joining international laundry more details please consult ENEJEAN washing to join in the official website!!!!!!!!!!
         As is known to all, the types of dry cleaning brand in the dry cleaning market very much, want to choose a reasonable price and good quality performance brand dry cleaning, for entrepreneurs don't know the structure of dry cleaning performance is the most important thing is to choose a good brand dry cleaning.
        We first need to know is that there are three kinds of dry cleaners store scale, respectively is small, medium, and large dry cleaning store. ENEJEAN international brand dry cleaning equipment in the basic equipment is fully enclosed and environmental protection dry cleaning host, steam generator, the clothing disinfection machine, computer numerical control basic dry cleaning equipment such as belt conveyor line, the equipment configuration for small business, dry cleaning equipment is probably at around 150000. Napa stores the size is not the same as the price is different, but, to be sure, the higher the price the laundry equipment more complete, the profit is also higher.
         In the dry cleaning market, general oil dry cleaners are the most fundamental of the dry cleaning equipment, automatic dryer, ironing machine, generator, iron (rubber hose), elution dual-use machine, dryer, packing machine, disinfection cabinet, etc.  But this is all dry cleaning equipment with the worst in the market. ENEJEAN international brand dry cleaning equipment is through the national certification, obtain "is a national patent", China and even the world's most advanced CS machine, this machine is fully enclosed and dry cleaning equipment of high energy saving.