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Self-help shoe polishing machine usage


Methods: the use of a, self-help shoe polisher
1, the first self-service shoe polisher random attached shoe polish pour a little oil cup.
2, insert the self-help shoe polisher into 220 v - 50 hz bracket to connect the power supply.
3, to his feet to dust removal self-help shoe polisher induction automatic start work.
4, if the shoe only dust just directly sent shoes to self-help shoe machine polishing wheel polishing.
5, if the had not been nursing shoes dry or white, but his feet to the self-help shoe machine nozzle nozzle with leather ball (top) clock gently lift the oil to note to the shoe, besmear again how much they wanted on self-help shoe machine polishing wheel polishing;
6 self-help shoe polisher, shoe left about 20 seconds the machine automatically stop working.
7, self-help automatic protection system design of the shoe polisher motor, temperature is above 110 degrees such as automatic stop after cooling and can continue to work. Self-help shoe machine adopts special colorless shoe polish suitable for all the colors of shoes.
Second, the use of self-help shoe polisher to note:
1, self-help shoe polisher, not with the volatile chemical germicides titanium panel.
2, can't let children alone self-service shoe polisher.
3 a self-help shoe polisher, long-term need not shut off the power.