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General small dry cleaners which needs dry cleaning equipment


         General small dry cleaners which dry cleaning equipment needs? Knife at no cost cutting wood work for dry-cleaning business, is the "slasher" dry cleaning equipment. Regardless of the size of the store scale, dry cleaners are need equipped with a complete set of dry cleaning equipment. So, generally small dry cleaners dry cleaning equipment needs?
         Dry cleaning equipment are: dry washer, dryer, ironing table, scouring machine, iron, steam generator, packaging machine clothing, clothing, transportation, etc. , for small dry cleaners, daily XiYiLiang not many, do not need to be equipped with a full range of dry cleaning equipment. ENEJEAN according to many years of experience, also summarizes the small dry cleaners dry cleaning equipment needed for set up shop, as follows:
         1, the dry washer: this is indispensable for all dry cleaners dry cleaning equipment, washing clothes, filter solution, take off the liquid and drying solvent recovery and purification of washing and so on all need dry cleaners, dry cleaners are divided into oil dry cleaners and tetrachloroethylene dry cleaners, generally the function of the oil dry cleaners have been able to meet the demand of small dry cleaners laundry, prices are relatively cheap, can say is the first choice for small dry cleaners dry cleaning equipment.
         2, the dryer: not just the clothes dry cleaners dry cleaning, there are a lot of clothes is not suitable for dry cleaning, more suitable for washing. In the water, after the completion of dehydration dryer is required to go out the moisture in clothing. So the dryer has become one of the necessary small dry cleaners dry cleaning equipment.
         3, laundry ironing board: after washing clothes, the clothes will inevitably have some fold, needs iron to make clothing more smooth and neat, ironing table is a necessary platform when ironing clothes.
         4, iron, ironing clothes nature is little not iron.
         5, the steam generator: cooperate with iron for ironing important dry cleaning equipment.
         In general, small dry cleaners have such five kinds of dry cleaning equipment is enough. ENEJEAN dry cleaning such a minimum need tens of thousands of yuan dry cleaning equipment, and provide perfect after-sales service, for investors to buy affordable, rest assured, ENEJEAN dry cleaning equipment is the first choice for your fortune!