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How to choose dry cleaning equipment? Look at what factors


         Open a dry cleaners do you want to be successful, dry cleaning equipment is the key. Choose dry cleaning franchise brand first to see whether the brand have the ability to production of dry cleaning equipment, as well as brand equipment for dry cleaning business is the best quality and price, can guarantee the washing effect and after-sales maintenance.
         See the price
         Choose the best dry cleaning equipment first to see whether the ratio of dry cleaners. The quality of the dry washer is the first, only good quality dry cleaners can achieve high XiJingDu, energy saving and spending to attract customers, increase sales business, bring profits to the franchisees. In addition to the quality, the price of the dry cleaners are reasonable, too high a price is clearly a brand want to earn price difference, low pricing cannot guarantee the quality of dry cleaners, comprehensive consideration of each brand dry cleaning equipment performance, you will find or ENEJEAN dry cleaning equipment quality is the most leading and the most reasonable price.
         Look at the post-sale service
         Choose the best dry cleaning equipment and second is to consider the after-sales maintenance. Choose the stronger the brand strength, after-sales maintenance, the more perfect, dry cleaning equipment in use process appears unavoidably some small problems, in order to guarantee the joining trader operating profit, need to maintain/repair dry cleaners equipment on a regular basis. ENEJEAN dry cleaning has a moment in the hustle and bustle of professional maintenance team, regular maintenance for free for each franchise store dry cleaners, rule out the possibility of equipment failure, and all of its franchisees to headquarters for equipment maintenance, ENEJEAN guarantee within 24 hours to give solutions, normal business to safeguard its franchisees.
         Normal dry cleaners dry cleaning equipment is guaranteed business the most important factor, is the best test of dry cleaning franchise brand strength index, good dry cleaning brand is recognized and known by people, only has a strong strength big brands like ENEJEAN dry cleaning to maximum protect the interests of the franchisees.