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Laundry dryer slightly and matters needing attention


Laundry industrial dryer machine technology mainly include chamber method and mechanical drying method two kinds of drying technology.
        Frist, mechanical drying technology slightly:
        Dryer in general has steam heating and electric heating type two kinds. The primary difference between these two kinds of drying machine is heating heat exchanger in a different way. Steam heating dryer heat exchanger is made of brass and copper fin, and is provided by the steam heat source;And electric heating type dryer heat exchanger is made by electric heating element (such as resistance wire) and the composition of heat transfer and fin, by the electrical energy through heat wire into heat energy.
        In general the dryer is equipped with heating time controller and cooling time controller. Dryer heating time controller can control the dry heating drying time, and also has within the dryer temperature controller to ensure that set the working temperature of constancy. Within the dryer cylinder hot air outlet will be equipped with temperature detector, the temperature of the measured signal feedback to the temperature controller. To realize the automatic control of temperature. By drying in the dryer fabric in rolling process, there will be a lot of fiber plush loss falls, by hot air out. These things will pollute the environment, pipeline, also caused by mutual friction electrostatic phenomenon caused by the fire. In cylinder air vent place, therefore, also equipped with a filter, it will be the effects of the block of wool cloth with soft nap, but because of this drying clothes in the plush will place filter pore jams, cause air circulation and affect the drying effect. Therefore, to check the cleaning filter in a planned way.

        Second, the method of drying room drying technology slightly:
        Method of drying room drying technology is to point to in a sealed room, the room on the diagonal of each set below a one over ten square meters of small hole, the heat source, such as heat sinks on digging holes. The water cut of the clothes hanging in the drying room. Heat source is heating the air inside the drying room, hot air from low rise, through the water cut of the fabric with the moisture evaporation, with a certain humidity of hot air, small hole above the line go inside the room. And at the bottom of the hole is responsible for a supplement to the air. This process continued after a period of time, the wet fabric is being dried. The drying method of five to ten times more efficient than natural dry method, suitable for small dry cleaners or laundry facility.

        In order to ensure the normal operation of the dryer and the safety in production, in use process should pay attention to the following points:
        1.  With sponge, rubber, rubber gasket, plastic items, wax can't use the dryer to dry clothes.
        2.  Dry the clothes to the appropriate weight, generally below eighty-five percent of the rated load.
        3.  If be baked goods are too lightweight must find some similar baked with drying, or dividend drying will be dryer the effects of the centrifugal rotor cage rotation on the rotor cage, not easy to dry.
        4.  Pure wool fabric and easy to heat shrink fabric could not use the dryer to dry.
        5.  For some easy to rub off the clothes, if don't use the dryer to dry heat will rub off.