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Laundry scouring machine structure and operation method


A, laundry scouring machine structure
Laundry, many different kinds of scouring machine , almost all the same are wetted by scouring machine and vacuum units, including steam and compressed air machine and organic scouring examine the area with plastic mesh vacuum scouring area and scouring agent tray, in addition to stains manipulator with unlined upper garment of brackets and pedal controller.Laundry scouring machine is divided into control steam and compressed air and smoke wet three.Now launch ultrasonic scouring equipment with special laundry scouring machine for special stains from fabrics have good effect.

        Second, the action of laundry scouring machine
        Laundry scouring machine is to get rid of the equipment, besmirch is more effective in general operation in laundry stains on the inspection on clothes and scouring process its function has the following points:
        1, use the function of the steam and stains for removing stains with steam spray gun to handle is very useful.During the process of removing stains by use of different steam gun, can provide enough impact to stain and its fabric and moist effect can also provide a prebrushing agent response function need to heat energy.
        2, vacuum suction wet function for the small area by vacuum suction wet after scouring fabric processing can accelerate the drying speed of fabric, can also be processed through the effect of vacuum suction wet on some of the processed besmirch legacy and residues of scouring agent sucked away.
        3, compressed air with a steam spray gun and foot controller to provide compressed air to accelerate the treated fabric after drying and air drying, the principle of which is with enough air can remove some with water-based stains of adsorption in the fabric.

        Three, scouring machine scouring of gun operation:
        Scouring gun is made so it is relatively soft nickel plated brass.If so often in the scouring pad knock gun or used as scraping board, will make the deformation of soft metal or can block or make the nozzle jet deformation.This will make scouring machine spewed steam has decreased or increased.We use scouring machine should form after using the spray gun will be back on the good habit of hanging on the shelf.
        Some operators greedy for convenient use scouring machine gun to scrape the fabric tend to damage the fabric.Scouring gun is composed of sprinkler and hose have a heat gun and shot a heat gun shot of steam temperature is higher with low water temperature.Cold heat gun pressure size according to the distance from Taiwan cant control.The pressure to adjust to the fabric can be affected by the pressure range is dry dirt discharged by flushing.What scouring under any circumstances use guns can be according to besmirch, cloth, medicine.Heat gun handling dry stain effect is usually good and accelerate scouring the reaction of the drug, the scouring stains and scouring agent is easy to rinse thoroughly after a trace.When steam jet speed and spray gun tilt during blowing steam or dry, fabric creates a move to the other geographic location area form a dark or light color even feel uneven density.Sometimes getting too close to dry processing scouring machine gun will be permanent light area.So as far as possible when in operation for scouring machine gun perpendicular to the scouring distance with a thumb positions.

        Four, scouring machine scouring the net and vacuum
        Scouring machine scouring mesh (screen) is a relatively concentrated in the middle of the vacuum area can be used to quickly remove the stain on the fabric.When scouring machine vacuum suction wet area are in a state of work can take the excess moisture by vacuum.While in the process of drying can make blow compressed air and vacuum suction wet work together to speed up the drying process.
        Scouring machine to stains can be removed cleaning, because many contaminants in scouring process cilia or dyes will be rushed to the piling up there in the cavity.So must be clean regularly.If not cleaned regularly can make the drainage hole is plugged vacuumizing system including wetted the effect not beautiful.Sometimes the cavity in the accumulation of dirt and dye spill caused to make the fabric stain.And remove this stain harder this stain usually is a combination of all kinds of dirt and drugs.To ensure the quality of scouring will keep scouring machine clean.