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Guangzhou ENEJEAN large industrial washing machine is analysed using erroneous zone


As a leading brand in domestic large industrial washing machine, guangzhou net force was founded in the 19th century, relying on for many years engaged in professional industrial washing machine design, research and development, production and sales experience, the net force of full automatic industrial washing machines, suspension isolation lie type washing machine, washing machine, vertical washing machine, dryer, automatic dryers, many wrinkles in rolling combined machine, dry cleaners, laundry, stainless steel folding machine , elution drying machine equipment have been sold well all over the country and the world, its products can be widely used in hotels, schools, hospitals, army, such as professional washing, because of the high quality, strong integration, exquisite design, high washing efficiency, low failure rate, complete functions, and many other advantages, make the product as soon as the market obtained the general customers the consistent high praise!

Myth 1: washing capacity: too much.If every time a clothes washing capacity: more than the rating of the large industrial washing machine washing capacity:, will make the clothes in the industrial washing machine can't be fully mixing, which affect the quality of clothes washing.Heavy washing clothes, not only that, but can also cause of industrial washing machine motor load, the longer it will affect the service life of industrial washing machine.To this end, guangzhou power net industrial washing machine research and development experts suggest that everyone in the use of washing equipment, finally ensure the clothes washing capacity: only accounts for two-thirds of industrial washing machine rated Washing capacity!

Myth 2: not classified before washing.Before using a large industrial washing machine, first of all should be classified to wash the clothes.When clothings classification, generally depending on the type of clothing material, dirt, color etc.Net force industrial washing machine expert introduction, generally speaking, clothing according to color words mainly can be divided into white, light color, dark and bright color;And the material of clothes can be divided into easy pilling and plush clothes;Dirt type is mainly divided into water-soluble dirt (such as blood, urine dirty dirt, organic acids, etc.), alkali soluble impurities (such as starch, edible oil, fatty acids, dirt, etc.), solvent soluble impurities (mineral oil dirt, paint, coatings, etc.), insoluble dirt (sand, soot and dust, etc.), etc.Everybody before using industrial washing machine for cleaning clothes, should be under the precondition of not affecting the quality of washing clothes classified correctly!

Myth 3: ignore the cleaning of drains.A lot of people are easy to ignore the drain cleaning of large industrial washing machine, so that if a drain or industrial washing machine of blockage, will not only pose a safety hazard, and at the same time also can affect washing work.To this end, guangzhou power net industrial washing machine research and development experts recommend in the process of using large industrial washing machine, the drain should be cleaned regularly, to keep it clear.

Myth 4: industrial washing machine cleaning not in time.Large industrial washing machine is easy to be used for a long time some bacteria and residual dirt, if used with dirt and bacteria in industrial washing machine to clean clothes, nature also can affect the quality of clothes washing.To this end, guangzhou power net industrial washing machine research and development experts recommend the clothes washing after work every day, be sure to remember to clean industrial washing machine!How to wash it?The simplest method is to use professional washing machine detergent or vinegar mixture water flushing of industrial washing machine inside the tube and filter, if necessary can set industrial washing rinsing and dehydration function (not to put any clothes), running water after all, opened the door of the washing machine, close after completely dry can.

Myth 5: water temperature too high or too low.Many people think, at the time of washing clothes, water temperature, the higher the decontamination and disinfection effect is better.Actually otherwise, a lot of clothes is not suitable for high temperature washing environment;In addition, the low temperature is unfavorable to fully dissolve dirt washing agent and laundry.To do this.Guangzhou force net industrial washing machine research and development experts recommend before washing the clothes, best to check the washing label, at the same time ensure that the water temperature is appropriate (35-40 ℃ as the best water temperature).