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Professional laundry equipment and what is the difference between domestic washing machine, why choo

         Professional laundry equipment used in the hotel, and so on laundry and our family usually used in the washing machine is a totally different style, the structure and function of internal change there will be more powerful, that for many people is completely different.About the usage of large industrial washing machine also from the basic construction.From the beginning of semi-automatic commercial and industrial use of industrial washing machines, automatic elution fit up to now the large commercial and industrial use of industrial washing machine, this is a giant leap in the era of electrical appliances.Especially for some people, such a setting, completely from the use of the individual perspective.

        In individual laundry by using industrial laundry to bring you an unexpected wealth, and happiness to say in the use of some of the enterprise as a representative, for example, we often go to the hotel, especially in large hotels in the comprehensive management of hotels and hotel, such places need most is a function of automatic industrial washing machine, in a lot of the hotel to the requirement of intelligent industrial washing machine will also have a very high standard.


The first is the appearance of large industrial washing machine is a high strength stainless steel material, thus increasing the use of encountered a little trouble, the use of long wear is very big, if you use the average family with washing machine, it won't be long before will be damaged, but with a large industrial washing machine is a totally different situation.Large industrial washing machine has a super shell, get rid of the past industrial washing machine in the complex operation, automatic setting, the tedious operation becomes more simple words, as long as the place to be clean in industrial washing machine, set the washing time can complete the operation of the laundry.

        These for hotels, large hotel housing and tablecloth clean is a huge project, VIP beside has been guarding is totally impossible, so such a large industrial washing machine is solved the first problem, the problem of large quantity, using one key operation.And general industrial washing machine to clean hair will have some more, or are not breathable material affected the entire process of washing, and large industrial use automatic clean laundry can complete different materials, such as hair some of chemical fiber and so on are the ideal cleaning tool.

        Adopting the large display frequency, can be seen clearly display the data, as long as it is simple click will operate such industrial washing machines, in electrical equipment used in the hotel is the best.There are dozens of ways of washing for you in any case of clothing clean way, satisfying the requirements of different conditions.Will wash, rinse and dry process integrated in an industrial washing machine, the material of stainless steel is more increased in the high places, a domineering and fashion, durable for a long time is one of the important use of electrical appliances such as business hotels hospital.