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Net, resistance to dry cleaners profit management, decision making is very important

   Dry cleaners profits derived from operators how to manage operations, because open a brand in the early period of the dry cleaners work the profit influence to the dry cleaner gap is not big, focused on the management and operation is late, how to ensure the success of the dry cleaners to develop, is vital for decision making.Below the resistance to clean laundry chain senior adviser take you know about the dry cleaner how to management.

  "With a soul"
  Dry cleaners operators, must have a whole idea,, try to do everything to mind.This requires operators must think more.Although marketing theory and technology of molding can provide certain help for operator, dry cleaner business more rely on personal intuition and experience judgment, which is "expert" business shop often fail.
  Dry cleaning market there is also more or less competition, under the competitive environment, dry cleaners must have the soul character, such ability in the dry cleaner is gotten ready every link in the process of operation.The core character must have a certain commercial sensitivity, dry cleaners to identify target customers, to develop the right price strategy, take positive and effective promotion measures.The man or the investors, investors may be entrusted by the store managers, even experienced staff.No matter who the person is, dry cleaners to win, must have a "soul".
  Play to the dry cleaner features 】 【
  Want out of a dry cleaner, it is necessary to seize the opportunity, developed for market needs services business, business features.Time to ensure the innovation of the dry cleaner has to keep pace with The Times, lack of innovation can not be long-term development of enterprise, is also difficult to form their own competitive advantage.To make customers, dry cleaners are must have its own brand, within three days, the whole street signs will be transformed, thus the store business innovation of pressure.
  How to develop the characteristics of dry cleaners, operator can think from the following several points: the quality of the washing, good service, comfortable stores and honest friendly clerk reception, etc., to which any point, the operator can not ignore.If a dry cleaner can doing well in these aspects, the center to attract customers.
【 】 ensure reasonable profit
  Open a dry cleaners is final purpose, or in order to be able to profit, loss of business will not someone willing to do, open a dry cleaners must calculate the cost of washing in advance, and determine the reasonable profit.The so-called reasonable profit is to point to in addition to the normal operation of the dry cleaners, must also have a certain level of profits.If there is no reasonable profit, the business can not do, the promotion of the exception, of course, a short time.
  "Grasp the business season"
  Dry cleaning industry "off season" and "season" believe that operators will be familiar, seize the season have a good business, treat the off-season also want to get along with the corresponding strategy.Winter is the dry cleaning industry peak season of the year, summer business is relatively light.In the off-season and busy season, dry cleaner business performance can vary widely, the operator must seize the opportunity, expand the volume of dry cleaners.In addition, the cleaners also should strengthen business off-season promotion, introduce relevant profitable project or develop large customers, to get through the business out of season.